“Suck” – A Rock & Roll Vampire Movie

Rolling Stone claims Suck is to become a cult classic like The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Canadian director/writer Rob Stefaniuk says the comedy will feature rockstars such as Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, Moby, Henry Rollins and Burning Brides’ Dimitri Coats. Even with a lineup like this I guess it wasn’t easy to sell anyone on this odd idea “It took me five years to make this movie because it’s kind of weird — a Canadian vampire movie with rock & roll. Most people don’t just jump up and go, ‘Yeah!’ ” he said before the worldwide premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, where he hoped to land a U.S. distributor.

Jessica Paré (The Trotsky, Wicker Park) stars as the bassist of indie band the Winners, who returns from a wild night out as a sexy vampire. Malcolm McDowell (Heroes, A Clockwork Orange) plays Van Helsing while Dave Foley (Kids In The Hall) is the band’s manager.

Iggy gets some good one liners that he can really convey: “Wear a condom and never trust a vampire.” “Yeah, that was a wonderful. I really related to that,” Iggy says while laughing. “I was reading it in the script and I thought, ‘This is great. I felt that before.’ ‘Please pass the groupie’ is probably the best line.”

Iggy was the first musician Stefaniuk lured to the project with a letter offering him a choice of roles. “I went for the least flamboyant, most human one because that was more the area I’d like to experiment, especially on film,” Iggy says. “I thought Moby as a meat-eating metal singer and Alice as a mysterious bartender were wonderful, by the way. Alice scared me [laughs] and Moby, who knew, who knew?”

Radio show host Rollins plays DJ Rockin’ Roger. “It seemed kind of cool and the fact that Iggy was in it, well, of course, I’m in,” says Rollins. “Rockin’ Roger’s personality, this absolutely annoying person, I brought all that with me. I just made the guy a real jerk.”

Stefaniuk appears in the film as the Winners’ frontman. The soundtrack has original material co-written by himself and ex-Doughboys/Asexuals frontman John Kastner. The film is packed with pop cultural references, like recreations of the Abbey Road, Born In The U.S.A. and The Kids Are Alright album covers. “It’s sort of like an exaggerated rock & roll world,” says Stefaniuk. “I’ve seen a lot of rock & roll movies, but what I wanted to do differently is make it less of a cinéma vé′rité, this is what it feels like to be in a real band, and yet I didn’t want to do a parody of a bunch of guys that go ‘Yeah dude’ and a big roadie. I wanted it to feel real, so you’re not in a band with a bunch of druggie people; you’re in a band with a bunch of vampires.”

I also heard Alex Lifeson from Rush is in it!

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