Built To Spill – Vic Theatre, Saturday, September 26, 2009

Built to Spill
The Vic Theatre – Chicago, IL
9/26/2009built to spill

Built To Spill’s Chicago Saturday gig at the Vic Theatre went about as expected – fifteen songs, some new material, extended guitar solos, knowledgeable fans, and a killer set, all coming together for one really really sweet show.

The dull beginning of the intro that segued into the new (There Is No Enemy) track “Oh Yeah,” did not set the standard for the great set/performance to come; however, the delayed start, their readiness to  jam, and the long gaps from song-to-song did set the pace. It is fair to say that Doug Martsch and the Boise quintet weren’t too concerned with firing through songs one right after the other.

Things certainly became more upbeat with the 1-2-3-4 punch of “In The Morning,” “The Plan,” “Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss,” and “Hindsight,” four songs that showcase Doug’s voice at its strongest, and allow the audience to move around a little beyond a head-bob. IF YOU HAVE NOT YET HEARD “Hindsight,” I fully recommend you do that right away – it has very cool lyrics, and one that definitely belongs in the BTS Catchy folder.

Songs that earned stars next to their listing in my set list were “Fly Around,” “Hindsight” (which sounded pretty slick and a future fixture), “Time Trap,” “Sidewalk,” and the closer “Conventional Wisdom” (which closed for far too long). “Car,” “You Were Right” and “Reasons” were also incredible, but didn’t jump out as much last night as did the aforementioned.
“Wherever You Go” was prefaced with a heartfelt dedication to the brothers and sisters (fighting for the environment). Bear with me, I don’t want to butcher the story, I’ll have facts totally clear tomorrow. “Reasons” and “One Thing” came a bit of a surprise, taking the place of the more predictable (“Distopian Dream Girl,” “Big Dipper,” “Twin Falls,” or “Goin’ Against Your Mind” even). Sadly, only two new tunes…one of which is already been part of the BTS song rotation.
The band went three for three during the encore – “Car,” “You Were Right” and the newest crowd-pleaser, “Conventional Wisdom,” all rocked. The audience seemed like one that had certainly seen the band a couple of times before: many could sing along at any point, and the feeling was cozy, intimate, relaxed, and genuine.
Good job BTS, can’t wait for the forthcoming 7th LP, There Is No Enemy, October 6. Here is the set, courtesy of the forum, and accurate with me:
1. Intro
2. Oh Yeah
3. In The Morning
4. The Plan
5. Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
6. Hindsight
7. Wherever You Go
8. Reasons
9. Three Years Ago Today
10. Sidewalk
11. Timetrap
12. One Thing
13. Stab
15. Car
16. You Were Right
17. Conventional Wisdom

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