Underwhelmed lives up to their Name

Rock Band from New York
Reveal (2009)


I am sitting on lots of music to listen to so I decided I am just going to play all the new music in the background while I am working around the house or working in the office…..for the next year or so. Today I received new music from a New York based rock band, Underwhelmed.

I started my album ritual with Underwhelmed’s Reveal cd. I open up all the wasteful plastic wrap around the album. I then check for a booklet, which there wasn’t one, but I am cool with that. Then I seek out all images of the band. I have this thing about needing to know what the artist looks like. I see the group picture of the guys and from a female perspective they are 5 VERY good looking guys that I would love to meet! The entire album is put together so professionally that it drove me to instantly rip the album on the computer to hear what Underwhelmed has to offer.

underwhelmed cdWell, lovely packaging and fabulously hot looking gentlemen can’t save everybody. I am not saying the album is something to completely avoid. They have some growing to do. Chris Amplo, lead vocals, sounds strikingly similar to 3 Doors Down frontman, Brad Arnold. The biggest problem I have with this album is 90% of the songs sound the same and Chris stays in one range. Chris has a amazing rock voice that hasn’t found its true potential yet. The band does have a running start but should think about dishing out the money for a top producer that understands them and take them to that next level. They have the huge potential for mainstream rock radio play, and I can see with a little help from the right producer the world could see the likes of the next Nickelback.

If you listen to one song off the record Reveal make it “Freak (Like Me)”.

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