The Bravery Debuts New Songs in Chicago

The Bravery
The Vic Theatre – Chicago, IL
October 4, 2009

The Bravery Vic Theatre Chicago 8

Sam Endicott (lead vocals, rhythm guitar)

The Bravery will be releasing their third studio album Stir the Blood in November and from the sneak preview of new songs the band gave Chicago last night, it might be their best effort yet. Having been a fan of New York City’s The Bravery since hit single “An Honest Mistake” was released in early 2005, I noticed that the group’s sound on debut record The Bravery and sophomore album The Sun and the Moon did not differ much at all. However, I was completely blown away by the fivesome’s latest material. It is really good…and different than their previous compositions. The Bravery has only let fans hear lead single “Slow Poison” and “Hatefuck,” so the audience was hearing new songs for the first time live in concert last night at Chicago’s historic Vic Theatre. It was blatantly obvious when the band played a new song. All I had to do was look around at the crowd and see that the fans who normally sing along to every word of the old classics were not singing along at all when hearing something they did not recognize. Totally understandable, just funny to observe…

More photos of The Bravery and some notes from the show after the jump…

Set List / Chicago


No Brakes

Bad Sun

Public Service Announcement


This Is Not The End



Red Hands and White Knuckles

Split Me Wide Open

Swollen Summer

Time Won’t Let Me Go

Slow Poison

An Honest Mistake


The Ocean


The Bravery The Vic TheatreMichael Zakarin (lead guitar, backing vocals)

The first single off the band’s new record is “Slow Poison,” which frontman Sam Endicott informed the crowd “is on the radio” when introducing the piece to a half full venue (the balcony was even closed off). Endicott and Co. have been performing “Hatefuck” live during shows since the beginning of July while serving as the first of various rotating opening acts for Green Day’s summer arena tour. One can see why “Slow Poison” was chosen as the radio single as opposed to another titled “Hatefuck.” FCC rules and regulations anyone? Not sure if the guys in The Bravery thought they could have gotten away with playing a song that includes the word “fuck” over the airwaves. Nobody could afford those FCC fines.

The Bravery The Vic TheatreMike Hindert (bass, backing vocals)

Lead singer and rhythm guitarist Sam Endicott introduced “Believe” by explaining to fans that “the next song is about Magnetic Field, my favorite bar in Brooklyn where I spent a lot of time writing.” At one point during the band’s set, Endicott and bassist Mike Hindert switched up roles to perform a new song whose title was not announced. Hindert took over rhythm guitar duties and stepped up to the microphone placing himself front and center and proceeded to give the crowd a taste of his lead vocal chops. Endicott proved to be ambidextrous with his instrumental skills and played bass guitar while resigning himself to backing vocals in order to let Hindert enjoy the spotlight for a few minutes.

The Bravery The Vic TheatreAnthony Burulcich (drums, backing vocals)

Crowd favorite “Time Won’t Let Me Go” was given the introduction from Endicott that “the next song is about my favorite book The Outsiders.” The hit single from The Sun and the Moon was then performed with vocal participation provided by die hard fans. It was quite the drunken sing along with the guy standing directly behind me even harmonizing right along with the four dudes singing backing vocals on stage. He wasn’t bad either; on key and belting the correct pitch without any wincing or ear plugging by yours truly. I was impressed. “The Ocean” had lead guitarist Michael Zakarin using a violin (or viola?) bow to play his guitar, which was intriguing to watch to say the least. In between “The Ocean” and final song “Fearless” The Bravery performed another new one with Endicott telling audience members “I don’t know what this one is called yet.” All I know is, I liked it and cannot wait until Stir the Blood comes out next month!

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  1. christopher free says:

    WOW jen! great photos here! good job!!

  2. Jamie says:

    I love the one where it’s back lit and you can see just the shadow of the guitar player!

  3. Becky says:

    Mike’s song was by far my favorite!

  4. Ge says:

    Awesome concert, can someone pleeease remind me the name of the band on the opening act, they had some really good songs

  5. Psilocybin says:

    I think I love them!

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