Backstreet Boy’s Brian Litrell Gets Swine Flu

The Backstreet Boys were all set to promote their new album, This Is Us, until Brian Litrell went & got the swine flu. The Boys have cancelled a few appearances & a performance on CBS’ Early Show this morning due to Brian’s illness.

Yesterday Brian posted a YouTube video apologizing to fans for cancelling the bands appearances. The Boys will be missing the Pinktober Charity event supporting breast cancer awareness at the Hard Rock Café in Times Square. Although the rest of the band isn’t showing any signs, doctors have them on preventative meds as a precaution.

“First off, I want to say that I’m really sorry to all of our Backstreet Boys fans, as well as I’m sorry to the Hard Rock Café and the staff there. The Backstreet Boys had a great event set up this afternoon (October 5), an autograph signing at the Hard Rock, where we were going to get the chance to mingle with some of our fans as well as raise money for breast cancer awareness,” he said. “Unfortunately I was diagnosed with the swine flu yesterday, and my job right now is to stay away from as many people as I can.”

“I want to apologize again and say that I’m sorry I couldn’t make it. You guys got to know what’s going on. … I hope that the next time you see me, I will feel better, but for right now, for the next three or four days, I’ve got to be out of the loop. Thank you for your understanding. I’m sorry that I couldn’t be there, but my job right now is to try and protect you guys from this. I hope you guys are well and I will talk to you very soon. God bless.”

The band’s This Is Us is out today.

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