Jackson 5 Compilation Album: I Want You Back!

The unreleased Jackson 5 single “That’s How Love Is” is streaming at the group’s official Website. The track was also released on iTunes yesterday. This will be part of an upcoming Jackson 5 compilation called I Want You Back! Unreleased Masters, a 12-song collection featuring never-before-released. The two-CD will reportedly feature a handful of unreleased Jackson songs, including “This Is It” (the single is out October 12th) and a spoken word piece called “Planet Earth.” Next week will also see the release of The Jackson 5 Ultimate Christmas Collection.

“That’s How Love Is” was written and produced by the Corporation, a team of Motown songwriters including Berry Gordy, remixed by original Motown engineer Russ Terrana. Other songs on the compilation include a version of Stevie Wonder’s “Buttercup” and an alternate version of “ABC.”

I Want You Back! is out November 10th.

Did anyone else hear this today? It was sort of eerie to hear little Michael’s voice singing over the radio this morning. It was a sad moment for me. Not so much because Michael is gone but because all I could think about was the family greed of making money off of their dead son/brother. I wonder how many more unreleased tracks will come out of the woodwork.

Track list for I Want You Back! Unreleased Masters:

1. “Medley: I Want You Back/ABC/The Love You Save (Alternate version)”
2. “That’s How Love Is”
3. “Listen I’ll Tell You How”
4. “Man’s Temptation”
5. “Never Can Say Goodbye (Alternate version)”
6. “Love Comes In Different Flavors”
7. “ABC (Alternate Version)”
8. “Love Call”
9. “Buttercup”
10. “Lucky Day”
11. “I’ll Try You’ll Try (Maybe We’ll All Get By)”
12. “Dancing Machine (Alternate Version)”

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