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Colbie Caillat Breaks Through Fear of Performing

Colbie Caillat
The Riviera Theatre – Chicago, IL
October 7, 2009

Colbie Caillat The Riviera TheatreArtists all over the world should take a note from Colbie Caillat when it comes to performing live in concert. If I had to choose one thing that impressed me the most about Caillat, it is that this woman sure knows how to connect with her audience. Whereas a band like Green Day holds the #1 spot for audience interaction, Caillat proved pretty adept at acknowledging her fans and making sure they knew that she knew they were right there in front of her. There was no jumping from song to song without addressing the crowd. In between every musical selection on the night’s set list, Caillat made sure to add tidbits of commentary. It didn’t matter what she talked about (in my opinion) because Colbie had the decency to attempt a closing of the gap between artist and fan. And I appreciated that to no end last Wednesday evening in Chicago. On her first headlining tour, Colbie Caillat sang songs from her first album Coco and her latest record Breakthough. Caillat’s sophomore effort Breakthrough was recorded in Hawaii and reached #1 on the Billboard charts the week of its release.

More photos of Colbie Caillat and some notes from her show after the jump…

Set List / Chicago

I Won’t

One Fine Wire

Begin Again


Feelings Show

Don’t Cha (The Pussycat Dolls cover)

Dreams Collide


Tied Down

No Woman, No Cry (Bob Marley cover)

I Never Told You

Somethin’ Special

The Little Things

Fallin’ for You


Lucky (w/o Jason Mraz)


Colbie Caillat The Riviera Theatre“Realize” was the fourth song of the night and my personal favorite of Caillat’s repertoire. The singer gratefully thanked her fans at Chicago’s Riviera Theatre for making the song reach #1 on the Billboard music charts before launching into the second single from debut album Coco. To help round out her set, Colbie Caillat performed a cover of The Pussycat Dolls megahit “Don’t Cha,” which she informed the crowd had been something she always wanted to do. Seeking to empower women versus degrading them, Caillat changed the song’s lyric from the original line “Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was wrong like me” to “Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was strong like me.” Not sure if anyone else watching noticed that, but my friend Becky and I sure did…and we liked what we heard.

Colbie Caillat The Riviera TheatreAs I mentioned before, Colbie Caillat never ceased to converse with her fans and band during breaks in between songs. At one point she had her bass player show off his dance moves, which he was rumored to have put to use the previous night while out on the town. “I couldn’t go out last night because I had to go to bed,” Caillat remarked to both her bassist and fans. “Tied Down” off Coco was performed with accompaniment by both Caillat and her guitarist playing ukuleles. Never before have I seen a stage manager for a tour have such an integral role in the artist’s live show. Caillat’s tour stage manager Andy was given the order from the singer herself to prove his vocal skills, wherein Andy proceeded to sing a cover of Bob Marley’s “No Woman, No Cry.” I have to admit, that was pretty entertaining to watch and honestly, who doesn’t like hearing or singing along to that song?

“I Never Told You” off Breakthrough was given the introduction from Caillat that “I want to perform it acoustic tonight because that is my favorite way to play.” I may be completely wrong on this observation, but that song vaguely reminded me of “Realize.” I couldn’t help but think that “I Never Told You” was a sort of continuation or part two of “Realize.” For the evening’s encore, Colbie Caillat returned to the stage wearing a Chicago Bears #23 jersey (Devin Hester, Wide Receiver). Caillat and her guitarist surprised the audience by performing her hit duet with Jason Mraz “Lucky” (minus Jason Mraz, of course). Then the moment inevitably arrived when Caillat gave her fans (the radio fans, as I call them) what they had been waiting for all night. Obviously, I am talking about the song “Bubbly,” which brought Colbie Caillat her mainstream success. Adoring female fans cheered as Caillat asked her audience, “Will you count me in?” And the rest is history…

Does anyone else think that Colbie Caillat appears to be a perfect combination of Jennifer Aniston and Mariah Carey?

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  1. sara says:

    i agree that it’s important to be able to connect with the audience. i’m glad she does that.

  2. Alli says:

    i’m not really a fan of hers and i dont really see what all the fuss is about. rikki once told me her dad is a producer so perhaps thats how she got into the biz. its nice to know she talks to the audience and is engaging like that though.

    as always, nice pics and report of the show, jen. you’re kinda right about the jennifer anniston/mariah carey look alike thing. although she is only pretty in a few pictures… also, her dress is cute.

  3. Becky says:

    Despite not being very familiar with her work, I really did appreciate how much she engaged the audience. Her remake of Don’t Cha was a lot fun!

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