Amy Winehouse and the Case of the Achy Boobs

amy winehouse

Amy Winehouse is in the hospital again but it’s not for drug rehabilitation. Just days after she had surgery to lift her breasts her friends heard her scream “I need to see someone, my boobs are fucking killing me.” I should probably throw and exclamation point after that because I know if mine were hurting I’d be screaming.

It really makes me wonder about body image. Amy is only 26 years old. She’s younger than me and she had surgery to lift her chest. Maybe if she’d stop using drugs that cause body weight to flux she wouldn’t have this problem. She is not the only one who’s had to have this done. I think about all the celebrities and singers that could have had this surgery. Janet Jackson comes to my brain. She has a history of losing weight at such a rapid rate that there is no way her skin could catch up to the new body weight. I can only imagine how many stretch marks all these ladies have. By now means am I saying I don’t have them myself but I am not in the public eye.

I feel sad that Amy and other celebrities have to go to great lengths to be the “Hollywood and Music Industry Standard.” I am glad I am not in that position, and for everybody else that is thinking about a lift…Victoria Secret has a great push up. I heard it’s a lot cheaper and hurts less.

PS. Don’t Do Drugs…See Above *shutters*

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