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“…slides from symphonic ’60s soul to sunny ’70s Cali pop…it feels as if he could bolt to another genre at the drop of a vintage chapeau” SPIN

“@fitzandtantrums is the best band I’ve heard in a long time.” @adamlevine (Maroon 5)

“Fun and funky, “Breakin’ the Chains of Love” is the catchiest up-tempo blue-eyed soul track in a long time, like a Tom Jones for the new millennium (and that’s a good thing)! If he’s not careful, the knickers might start flying HIS way…” KCRW DJ Eric J. Lawrence

“I like this a lot for very obvious reasons…it’s Dope! It might be song of the week, actually.” Mark Ronson

“…this appetizer proves that they have the songwriting chops, the heart, and the ability to be one of the few groups that really makes it.” Crawdaddy

“A supercool Motown-style combo in the Mark Ronson/Sharon Jones/mid-period-ABC vein…imagine if Amy Winehouse was blonde, male, and sane, and that’s Fitz” Yahoo! Music

“Fitz and the Tantrums are one of our latest and greatest discoveries.” Baeble Music

“Bringing back all the smooth feel of the Motown golden age with some new bounce. Fitz and his Tantrums are sure to install some smooth soul with a little extra.”

“They’re one part old, forgotten soul, one part Nuggets, style garage rock, along with a dash of early “She’s Gone” era Hall & Oates. Fitz’s voice has elements of Jack White along with echoes of dozens of forgotten one shot hit makers of 70’s AM gold, and he rarely fails to delight.” A Deeper Shade of Soul

It all started with a phone call. The X. Best to let voicemail pick that one up! YOU HAVE 1 NEW MESSAGE: “Hey, sorry to call but my neighbor has got to leave L.A in a hurry, he’s selling everything including this old church organ for 50 bucks. Do you want it?” This was worth the pain of calling the heartbreaker. “He’s got someone coming later today to see it, I don’t know what kind it is, if it works…it’s gigantic “Pay him, pay him now! Put the 50 dollars in his hand!”. “Okay but the landlord says it has to be out of the basement tonight”. 13 phone calls to piano movers and 50 dollars later four guys were trying to fit this thing through the front door. That was the beginning. “Breakin’ The Chains Of Love” was written that night and the inspiration for the record was born. All the pain of splitting with someone poured out into this 5 song EP of 1960’s inspired Soul music. SONGS FOR A BREAK-UP VOL.1 was recorded entirely in Fitz’s living room, using one crappy old mic. The songs are influenced by ’67 AM radio, Motown and early Hall and Oates records. Fitz was born in France and moved to L.A. as a child. This half French, half Irish kid fended off the California rays with a lot of sunscreen to emerge as an artist with a vision. A soulful voice with infectious songs, Fitz’s music makes you wanna’ grab a tambourine and dance.

Upcoming Fitz Shows:
Oct 5 – Crocidile – Seattle, WA*
Oct 6 – Holocene – Portland, OR*
Oct 7 – Harlot – San Francisco, CA*
Oct 8 – 3 Clubs – Los Angeles, CA*
Oct 10 – Casbah – San Diego, CA*
Oct 11 – The Aruba – Las Vegas, NV*
Oct 17 – Bardot – Hollywood, CA
Nov 6 – The Echo KCRW presents – Los Angeles, CA
*The Rumble

The Rumble: Future Sounds created The Rumble in 2007 as a monthly indie rock club night tailored to support the local San Francisco music scene. Beginning in July 2009, The Rumble expanded from LA, Brooklyn, and SF to include Seattle, Portland, and San Diego. By October, Las Vegas, Austin, Chicago, and Boston will be digging in to complement what will ultimately be a kick-as$$, grassroots, national, indie rock movement. The events are a mash up of live bands and resident and/or special guest DJ’s with local partnerships and venues that highlight the character of each city. The monthly events are curated by the most credible partners of each town–from music bloggers, indie record stores, local radio and hip weeklies to art collectives and music gurus.

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