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    Relation Release “Fear Of Night” and Pixies Cover Mp3 For Download

    Urban Torque proudly presents Fear of Night, the debut album from Southend duo Relation. The stylish Fear of Night combines elements of classic 80s electro pop with crisp modern production. Fear Of Night is filled with songs that on the surface appear simple but on closer inspection reveal lyrical and sonic depths.

    “An Underworld-meets-David Byrne soundclash” – BBC Online

    “Like a deadpan Talk Talk with a chord sequences by Johnny Marr” – Ben Watt (Everything But The Girl)

    “Fear Of Night” and ‘Lowest Common Denominator’ shows a love of classic deadpan Pet Shop Boys / Electronic too…this is impressive stuff indeed.” – Mixmag

    “…it sure does impress a great deal for marrying so well uplifting melodies with digital beats in a pretty tasteful manner.” – M8 recommended album listening

    “Fear Of Night is a real quality piece of work, elements of classic Electro Pop, inventive melodies and lots of messages and thoughtful lyrics.” – DMC Update

    “Relation have 21st century studio suss thatmakes this album so enjoyable.” – Irish Daily Star

    DJ Reactions:

    “I really enjoyed working on the Relation album, very intelligent electronic pop music….with a ton of emotion” – Robert Babicz

    “Your Tiny Mind sounds like 1989, but the chorus is completely MOVING” – Rex The Dog

    “Amazing, great album, top songs!” – Hernan Cattaneo

    “You could have been taking this album and get a deal with Factory Records back in the day!” – Lifelike

    “Very cool tracks…very Depeche Mode and New Order..” – Johnny Vicious


    “There’s no shortage of quality song-writing on this set, and although the production is smooth, there’s also plenty of texture woven into the sonic fabric of the tracks. There are some gritty distorted guitar sounds to be found on ‘Way Outside’ for example.” – Music Emissions

    “…the duo of Andrew Leary and Oliver Keech are more than the sum of their parts, creating intelligent, thought provoking ’90s style polished pop gems. In fact, forget all your cheesy Lady Gagas and Little Bootsies, when it comes to reviving ’80s electro pop, Relation are the daddy.” – Sound Advice


    Fear Of Night is out now via Urban Torque Recordings. You can stream the album now on Urban Torque’s site-http://urbantorque.com/mediagallery/album.php?aid=193

    Download Relation’s cover of The Pixies’ “Here Comes Your Man” for post and review on your site below:

    1. Optimistic
    2. Fear Of Night
    3. Lowest Common Denominator
    4. Your Tiny Mind
    5. Way Outside
    6. Superenlightened
    7. Lefty
    8. Broken
    9. Moscow Olympic
    10. Easy Target
    11. Hypersenstive
    12. In Minuscule
    13. Here Comes Your Man – DOWNLOAD

    Buy Album:


    Relation Myspace
    Relation YouTube
    Relation Facebook
    Urban Torque Catalog

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