Singer/Songwriter Tyrone Wells Breezes through Chicago

Tyrone Wells
Lakeshore Theatre – Chicago, IL

Tyrone Wells Lakeshore TheatreGreat show put on by Tyrone Wells this past Saturday, October 10th. I have seen Tyrone in concert countless times over the past 3-4 years, and every show is amazing. Although this past show was great, for some reason not as good as usual. I’m guessing it must have been because he could be a little tired from his tour. He’s been touring almost not stop and performing without a break, and of course it can be draining.

Tyrone still managed to have the crowd singing and dancing along to his refreshing melodic songs. The show was at a cozy and intimate theatre in Chicago called the Lakeshore Theatre, which I think is usually a comedy theatre, but Tyrone was not there for comedy. It was clear he was there to seduce the crowd and make babies. No I’m just kidding, but he did warn the audience that a lot of people meet and fall in love at his shows.

Tyrone Wells Lakeshore TheatreTyrone started his set with “Remain” from his latest album of the same name. He then moved into “Feel Alive”, one of my favorites from his 2003 album Snap shot “Wondering Where You Are”, which led into another one of my all time favorite songs “I need you”. Then sang a new song titled “Metal and Wood” a song about the mishandling finances in the USA. This song was a preview of his next album which is going to be an acoustic EP and released in December of this year. Be sure to look out for that! He transitioned to “No way with Out You”, then “what are we fighting for” followed by three all time classics “time after time” and “I just died in your arms tonight” and “Noone”. Proceeding back to his own music, he picked it up with “Baby Don’t Change”, “Sink or Swim”. Then he stopped the show and had Mark Chippelo, the drummer, dance on the stage, and it was awesome! The highlight of the night for me was when Tyrone covered “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon, and it was awe-inspiring! Then he eased into the refreshing song “Sea Breeze”, “I’m Alive”. He encored with his jaw dropping yodeling, dedicated “Dream like New York ” to Marta a survivor of breast cancer, and closed with “Fallin’.”

I personally believe this is Tyrone’s year. He just released his new album “Remain” an epic pop/rock album it’s his second major label effort. Pursuing a more collaborative process and having added a more lush production to his singer-songwriter roots, the new album proves to be a great showcase for his powerful and emotional voice.

Tyrone Wells Lakeshore TheatreThe first released single from the album is hitting listener’s ears like that ice cold lemonade on a summer day ever so refreshing. “Sink or Swim” also was the promo song for hit televisions shows “Cold Case” and Grey’s anatomy’s season premiere this season. “Sink Or Swim” was also #1 on iTunes Singer/Songwriter Chart for a while. A huge congrats to Tyrone and his band for that accomplishment.

I look forward to bigger and better this from Tyrone in the near future; I hope you guys do the same.

Tyrone Wells Lakeshore Theatre

Tyrone Wells Lakeshore Theatre

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