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  • esOterica and The Riddle: Growing into their own Skin

    The Riddle
    Out Now off Trak Records

    esoterica riddle

    EsOterica has finally created their own mold with a new, heavier sound! Their previous release, The Fool, was a great album, but it was nothing new and sounded similar to A Perfect Circle (not that it’s a bad thing). However, as soon as I queued The Riddle in my MP3 player I knew I was in for something great-and this album is definitely awesome and different. It was one year ago we sent Ms. LJ Rich to interview esOterica in the back of their van.

    esoterica 3

    The Riddle is laced with some of my favorite songs that were once demos for these guys from England. The songs that really caught my attention are “Watch This Drive”, “Tomorrow I Won’t Remember”, and “Silence”. “Silence” was released this summer as a single and was received with flying colors. The esOterica guys covered this hit by Sarah McLachlan and I have been asked many times where to actually get the single. Well, now everybody can buy The Riddle and have it for themselves. (Click here)

    esoterica riddle 2

    This album has a very somber tone. Their first single off the album is “Tomorrow I Won’t Remember.” It’s about someone with a serious problem, but they don’t seem to care. It’s really doesn’t matter what’s done today because their memory will be gone tomorrow.

    Tomorrow I Won’t Remember:

    Watch This Drive opens with former US President George Bush. This one is a politically motivated song of soldiers and war. I heard this song from demo to fully produced and it’s chilling to hear the final product.

    Silence Video:

    I mentioned earlier that I felt Tobias, Luke, Bari, Matthew, and Laura have all grown into their own mold. They have edged their way to create a sound beyond that of A Perfect Circle, to whom many compared them. The more I listen to The Riddle the more I love it. It’s one of those albums that grew on me and I’ve found myself knowing all the lyrics.


    If you buy songs off the album, I recommend:
    Tomorrow I Won’t Remember
    Watch This Drive

    I really hope these guys can come to the United States soon. I would love to see their live show!
    For all you lucky readers in the UK here are some Tour Dates:

    13.10.2009 Water Rats London Live Show
    16.10.2009 The Fat Surfer Grays Live Show
    17.10.2009 The Twist Colchester Live Show
    24.10.2009 Escape Festival (HEADLINING) Hastings Live Show
    07.11.2009 Hellfire Festival Birmingham Live Show

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    1. modernizer says:

      Hey guys!SOS!Help!
      I need lyrics for the Esoteca’s Watch this drive song. English is not my native language and I can’t make out all the words after a pause.

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