Cobra Starship Brings ‘Hot Mess’ to Chicago

Cobra Starship
The Riviera Theatre – Chicago, IL
October 18, 2009

Cobra Starship The Riviera Theatre

It was so weird observing the fans at last night’s Cobra Starship concert in Chicago. Having been a fan of this New York City synthpop alternative dance band since July 2006, it was interesting to see how one hit song from the group’s third studio album has graced the fivesome with mainstream success. Yours truly has seen Cobra Starship perform live in concert every time the band has played in Chicago for over three years. Neither of their first two records spawned any radio singles, but still the shows would sell out with fans singing along to every single word to all the non-hit songs. I was surprised upon discovering that Cobra Starship wasn’t headlining the show last night at The Riviera Theatre. That coveted spot on the tour went to Boys Like Girls. Both bands have two big songs to their name. However, I believe that Cobra Starship has the bigger fan base and should have closed out the show last night. Do you agree?

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Set List / Chicago

The City Is At War

Pete Wentz Is the Only Reason We’re Famous

Nice Guys Finish Last

Smile For The Paparazzi

Wet Hot American Summer

Bring It (Snakes On a Plane)

Guilty Pleasure

Hot Mess

Good Girls Go Bad

Cobra Starship The Riviera TheatreVictoria Asher (keytar, backing vocals)

Cobra Starship The Riviera TheatreRyland Blackinton (lead guitar, synthesizer, backing vocals)

At one point during either the first or second song of Cobra Starship’s set, lead singer and main songwriter Gabe Saporta caught a fan’s bra and proceeded to rub it on his face. But that’s not all. Saporta then continued to scrunch the girl’s bra up in his fist and shove it down the front off his pants. Yup, right down into his crotch. That’s rock star behavior for you. If anybody knows the truth, I would like to know if Saporta and keytarist Victoria Asher are dating. My friend Becky asked me in the middle of the band’s set if Gabe and Vicky were together due to the simply fact that he was biting and licking her neck sporadically throughout the performance. I mean, that could just be the way Gabe is, which is a little out there for me. On the other hand, she is the only girl in the band. I’m just saying…

Cobra Starship fans got a treat last night when the band played their new single “Hot Mess” as the second to last song of their set. Apparently, Gabe Saporta and Co. have only performed the song live in concert once before. So if you were at the show last night, you witnessed Cobra Starship play “Hot Mess” for only the second time live in concert. Before launching into the title track off Cobra’s latest record Hot Mess, Saporta informed the crowd that the group had not played it live before because they simply didn’t know how to play it. My guess is that it had been so long since the band played it for the album’s recording that they honestly couldn’t remember how to play it. Not unusual, as this happens all the time with artists going out on the road to promote a new LP. Hence the weeks and weeks of rehearsal that huge artists commit to when preparing for a nationwide or worldwide tour. Seeing as how “Hot Mess” is the new single from Cobra Starship, the group better be able to play it with their eyes closed!

Cobra Starship The Riviera TheatreGabe Saporta (lead vocals)

As expected, Cobra Starship closed out their set with the song that brought them millions of new fans. I’m talking about “Good Girls Go Bad.” Normally, the song features Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester sharing lead vocal duties with Saporta. However, when performed live Vicky takes the spotlight for a bit. Asher probably does a better job singing every night than Meester could ever pull off without the assistance of good old reliable Auto-Tune to keep her in key and on pitch. Watching the tween fans go crazy singing their hearts out and jumping up and down during “Good Girls Go Bad” was amazing. I am so proud of Cobra Starship for not giving up on their career. It took the NYC band more than three years to get a song on the radio, but they never stopped touring and playing their music to any kids that would listen. There’s no way in hell anybody can call Cobra a bunch of sell-outs at this point.

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*Not photographed: Alex Suarez (bass, synthesizer, backing vocals) and Nate Novarro (drums)

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I bet this was an amazing show because 1. I love Cobra Starship’s song “Good Girls Go Bad,” and 2. Boys Like Girls played, too. Good pics, I couldn’t stop laughing after I saw the bra picture and then read your explanation. It sounds like they all put on a good stage performance. Wish I could have been there!

  2. Anna says:

    I wish I was at that show!

  3. Sarah says:

    Nice photos! Looks like it was a great show!

  4. Lauren says:

    I was there. It was awesome. I met Gabe during the BLG performance and he was really nice. Also, just so you know, Gabe and Vicky are NOT dating. He does kiss her neck and stupid other stuff on stage but he said he would never date her because she’s too much like a sister to him and if they broke up, it’d be awkward being in a band together.

  5. Adia says:

    Cobra Starship is amazing! I’ve only seen them twice before and I would never call them sell outs. They have been like this for years!

  6. dan says:

    great pics and review! such a good set, i can’t believe the band didnt headline either. after their set the crowd lost a lot of people.

    whatevs! cant wait

  7. Becky says:

    They were truly a fun band who knew how to interact with their audience!

  8. her says:

    Gabe and Vicky-T are not dating. Gabe is dating Bianca Duenas.

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