Miracles of Modern Science play their amazing fall shows

After a slew of undeniably fun shows all summer, it’s time to throw on your cardigan and come out to see Brooklyn’s favorite space-pop band Miracles of Modern Science play their amazing fall shows….

SPIN just named MOMS as one of the 25 MUST-Hear Artists at This Year’s CMJ Festival
Check it out HERE!

Sounds like:
String-laden, twitchy but danceable songs from an ensemble of self-proclaimed “orchestra drop outs and jazz-band rejects.”
Recommended if you like:
Ra Ra Riot, Andrew Bird
You should know:
The group is known for wearing space suits onstage — awesome, but potentially gamey!

Listen to MR2 Here!

Check here for a vid of “Eating Me Alive” straight from the practice space.

This is no string tribute to rock. This is MOMS.

New Dates Added! Don’t Miss One Show!
OCTOBER 23 @ The Bell House
Miracles Of Modern Science
Au Revoir Simone
Still Flyin’
The Postmarks

OCTOBR 24 @ Cake Shop for After the Jump Fest
Miracles Of Modern Science (2am)
with Sissy Wish

NOVEMBER 12 @ Glasslands
Miracles Of Modern Science – Headlining show!
with Team Genius
The Lisps
Pet Ghost Project

Quotes and Quotes:


“Miracles of Modern Science play consummate major-key space-pop that sounds like something new.”

Jezebel Music:

“…a string-based band boasting expertly crafted, inordinately dynamic pop rock creations. Their lyrics contain unique collages of chemiluminescent substances, human organs, sheep-eating robots, and whistle-wielding cowboys……At the heart of Miracles of Modern Science is a passionate musical appreciation that results in some of the most creative, catchy, and purely fun music in New York City.”

Chewing Gum for the Ears

“The four tracks are an explosive combination of pop hooks and classical presentation that sounds remarkably, well…modern, especially given the musical palette the band has chosen to work with. My personal favorite is opener “MR2,” a dramatic tune that showcases the band’s love for epic choruses and their rock ‘n’ roll attitude that makes their new EP such an enjoyable twenty minutes. Miracles of Modern Science have a great thing going and I’m already looking forward to whatever they come up with next.”


“Fans of Final Fantasy and Andrew Bird should take note of this band.”

The Tape

“Like the sound of a renegade orchestra at an out of control school dance… Miracles of Modern Science sound like a gorgeous arrangement of classical instrumentation transplanted into modern space tinged pop songs.”


“Miracles of Modern Science is like the Pied Piper’s angelic cousin, leading naive listeners to a fountain of pure ecstasy.”



Reel Around the Fountain

“Their music is beautiful, it’s really big – so many instruments pushed to their heights and depths… Listen to Miracles of Modern Science, and do it quick, before your best friend does. You’ll get lots of street cred, I promise.”

Consequence of Sound

“Beautiful and epic… This east coast [five]-piece can write one hell of a song.”

The Wheel’s Still In Spin

One of the 10 best EPs of 2008!

Who are Miracles of Modern Science!?

Miracles of Modern Science began life in 2004 as a sea-shanty-spouting string band at Princeton University, formed by orchestra drop-outs and jazz band rejects. In 2005, they found a drummer and plugged their miniature orchestra into amps. From then on, their ecstatic live shows, complete with permanently sweat-soaked dime store space suits, ignited hip-shaking parties to instruments grandma might have waltzed to. The band pieced together their debut EP in dorm rooms and basements over the course of 2008. Its combination of post-rock explosions, anthemic pop vocals, and antique textures makes for a sound lost in time – this is how a Civil War string band might have imagined the music of the far-distant 1980s, or how Devo might have entertained at a Lincoln Benefit.

The EP, released as a free download, has garnered praise all over the blogosphere. The now Brooklyn-based Miracles of Modern Science are having an exciting year: after packing their 2008 CMJ showcase at Brooklyn’s Glasslands Gallery (a “must see” performance, according to Jocelyn Miller of Brooklyn Based.net), hey earned spots on bills with Dan Deacon, Gang Gang Dance, Ponytail, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, Micachu, and The Homosexuals. In April they kicked off Rooftop Films’s 2009 summer series, a film and music series featuring “NY’s best and brightest musical acts.” In May 2009, they were chosen as Artists of the Month by The Deli Magazine, and as the monthly Featured Artist at Jezebelmusic.com.


For More Information Contact: Samantha Tillman @ Daffodil Publicity


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