U2 Land at the Rose Bowl in 360 Form and in Homes Across the World!

The Rose Bowl – Pasadena, CA
Also at Youtube.com/u2

Updated with more photos!


I wasn’t there but I watched it from afar..I am speaking of U2 at the Rose Bowl last night. It looked more like a fish bowl with 100,000 people swimming around. The 360 degree stage was supposed to be a spaceship? I have a question mark there because was it? I think Bono has a big enough ego to fill the 260 degree stage and I mean that in the greatest way possible, the man is a genius!!

The night started off rough as Bono tried getting his vocals in gear. He destroyed one of my favorites “Mysterious Ways.” It wasn’t until 1/3 of the ways in when his chords finally warmed up. I felt Edge really had the upper hand on Bono most of the night with his vocals. As Jennifer pointed out to me as we texted back and forth, Bono truly kicked up his game for the cameras. She even goes as far to say” I feel like Chicago was cheated!” Can’t blame her but I felt like maybe I didn’t miss much by not being there at the Rose Bowl. Just FYI Jennifer is a production runner for Live Nation in Chicago and worked the U2 show.


I know they played all my absolute favorite tracks like “Sunday Bloody Sunday”, “Mysterious Ways,” “Walk On”…ok there aren’t many U2 songs I don’t like. The entire set was a sing-a-long, but thank goodness all the viewers at home didn’t have to wear the creepy masks. The masks were worn to pay homage to a woman as Bono and the gang played “Walk On.” It’s just too bad I couldn’t hear everything Bono was saying about the woman.

The actual streaming of the performance wasn’t bad. It was grainy for sure and the resolution could have been much better. They need to work on balancing the sound a bit more. When there was talking the levels dropped completely making me run to the monitors to turn the volume up. I don’t know if anybody else had the problem. Considering it was late at night and I am in bed with the theatre going I didn’t want to constantly have to get up just to hear what Bono was saying.


I am glad that I could experience this from the comfort of my own home and didn’t have to fight the insane traffic. For all the U2 fans that made it into the Rose Bowl, I hope you sucked in that entire experience because nothing beats the live performance. U2 we will meet again…maybe on a higher resolution screen next time.

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