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The Best Thing Since Play-Doh: I Fight Dragons!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I fight Dragons

I was sucked in the moment as I heard they wore superhero t-shirts and used a Nintendo System in their show. I also fell in love with these guys as soon as they said they release their music for free(most of the time). I am so happy to hear small bands that come to their senses with music. They know they need to get people to hear it before people would be interested in buying it.

i fight dragons usb

Now I think they are the greatest thing since Play-doh! I signed up for their mailing list to have access to free downloads and this week’s email had a special treat in it for fans. They are selling lifetime memberships to the IFD club via a USB drive. For $100, plus $5 shipping, you receive a USB drive filled with music that they have released, thus far, and you will also have access to all future releases from I Fight Dragons for free! I thought that would be enough but no they took it another step and granted free access to all future shows from I Fight Dragons! I am going to guess once these guys (and gal) hit the House of Blues status the prices will be $37.50. So just see them twice in one year and you already have your money back at that point. Not a bad return!

After reading this a couple times and after writing this, I just convinced myself that I need one!

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