Chromeo in Chicago

The Congress Theatre – Chicago, IL

Chromeo The Congress Theatre - Chicago, IL 10/30/2009Friday night’s Freaky Deaky show delivered a good dance party perfect for Halloween weekend. Specifically the performance by Montreal’s electrofunk duo Chromeo.

Playing to a sold out crowd at the Congress Theatre, Chromeo delivered one of the best times I’ve had at a show this year. I can’t say the best things about the sound at the Congress Theatre but even one of the worst venues in the city can’t bring down Chromeo’s groove.

Chromeo The Congress Theatre - Chicago, IL 10/30/2009Chromeo have a cool factor that most bands simply can’t pull off and it’s exciting to see such confidence. Their sound is reminiscent of 80’s funk electro-pop with smooth R&B style vocals and flaky lyrics.  Chromeo are the guilty pleasure that you should probably be taking seriously even thought they might not take themselves too seriously. There isn’t another act out now that can make the same claims.

Don’t let their whimsical nature fool you in to believing them to be some novelty item. These guys know how to put it down for those who really appreciate quality dance jams – “You’re so gangsta!”  Their remix of Fiest’s “Sealion” is no joke.

Chromeo set was mostly dedicated to their last release Fancy Footwork with a couple tracks off 2004’s Shes in Control. This set was very impressive in that some of the songs I normally skip over on the album, sounded amazing and actually had me dancing. I love it when a band’s live show can sell me if I wasn’t already convinced. I loved the keyboard stands commonly known as “the legs” and their mid
show outfit swap. I have a feeling that doesn’t just happen on Halloween.

I’m super jealous of the folks in L.A. who get to catch Chromeo on New Years Eve. I can only imagine the party that night.

2-step, 2 step, 2-step……………..

Photos of Chromeo in Chicago:

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