Crystal Castles get Freaky Deaky in Chicago

Crystal Castles
The Congress Theatre – Chicago, IL


Crystal Castles are hands down one of the hottest electronic acts out. I can not recommend them enough.  The tracks on their self titled debut are ridiculously infectious and reassure my every reason for loving electronic music. With such a distinctive sound, I feel privileged to have come across them. They are no doubt on their way to classic status.

Friday night’s  Freaky Deaky dance show was very fitting for a Halloween weekend and Crystal Castles was the way to get the party started.

They delivered a short set with loud sounds, crazy strobe light action and a lot of randomness. When Alice Glass isn’t screaming out what can only be heard as nonsense, she’s all over the place – up, down and all around. Opening with the teasing sounds of Crimewave and blasting through songs like 1991 and Black Panther, Crystal Castles was the machine that spit out track after track of what I wanted to hear. They could have played Reckless alone and I would have walked out just as satisfied.

Inside the pit at this show was a huge sweat fest that could have gone all night and into the next day with all kinds of crazy costumes getting down. It’s very easy to lose yourself at a Crystal Castles show. Don’t miss an opportunity to catch this act.

In the future, I would have loved to see this album paired with a more interesting light show. If that were to happen, I would have the show of my dreams.

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