Open Letter to Musicians

Dear Super-Ambitious and Talent Musicians,

At the Dead Hub we receive many requests from bands from around the world to listen to their music and that want to send us their latest EP. We love it!! We really do because it opens us all up to new music of all kinds.

The writers and I recently sat down to talk about some things we are struggling with when writing and putting together our research for reviews and news articles on some of the newest bands. One of the biggest problems is not having enough information on the bands that don’t have a publicist.

So the tip of the day is all about using MySpace

myspace logo

I really believe MySpace is a great tool for musicians and bands that are just starting off and growing. MySpace gives you the option to place A LOT of information about you/the band on your profile and the best part is it’s FREE. The problem occurring now is bands are really into the HTML to “pimp” out their page. This is fabulous for marketing but bad because there is a lot of missing information.

1. We noticed that artists aren’t even typing in their genre anymore. As someone who just stumbled across you for the first time, I need to know what kind of music you create without having to wait for your music to load.

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2. Please list ALL your band members and full names, not just first names. Putting Bob down doesn’t cut it, Bob is special as is the rest of the band. Write full names please! Plus if you are very new to the scene having what instrument each person plays is super helpful . Going one step further, have a picture next to each name or at least a group photo with names under it coordinating to each person in the photo.

You know who you are but new fans and readers don’t! Have a bio of some kind available. This goes for the freshly signed bands too. For instance, Keli Price who I have received press release’s on was said to be on Nickelodeon. I had no clue what kind of music he wrote or a bio. I did some investigating and of course, I started on MySpace. His MySpace page tells me nothing!! I had no idea he was on Nickelodeon and then I don’t know what genre he falls under. There are pictures of him with a guitar, but I learned not to trust pictures because there are many posers out there.

We also covered a show for an indie band that performed at CMJ Marathon in New York recently, and I could only tell you what town they came from and I had nothing more to write about. Your fans might want a little more info on you! This is your bragging spot so brag!

3. Plus, please do not abuse the YouTube video embeds. Sometimes between the HTML and video embeds your page takes too long to load and I usually just move on and give up, and I know I am not the only one that does that.

I hope that reading this drives home some good points that you will walk away with. I am not just saying this to say. These are things as a media outlet that we look for, so the easier you make information about you available the easier it is for us to do our job.

On that note: If you have any questions about what media outlets want to see or if you have music that you would like a staff member to review, drop us an email at

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