Losing my head with Off With Their Heads at The Beat Kitchen

Off With Their Heads
The Beat Kitchen – Chicago, IL

Have you heard of Off With Their Heads? I only first heard of them back in September when I was able to score a spot on the list for a Riot Fest secret show with Pegboy. The Minnesota natives opened for Pegboy that night and I liked what I heard right away. Think good old fashioned punk rock with catchy melodies and gritty vocals. You’ll find yourself bobbing your head and rockin’ along in no time…without realizing it. I enjoyed them so much that I picked up a couple of their CDs at the show, “Hospitals” and “From The Bottom”.

Unfortunately I missed Off With Their Heads during Riot Fest, but I was glad I could catch them in Chicago again only a couple weeks later. After getting all emo at The Vic with Say Anything I jumped back on the Belmont bus and headed West to The Beat Kitchen for Off With Their Heads. Friday night double header!

The Beat Kitchen is an awesome, small intimate venue. Capacity is only 275, we’re talking tiny. Once I arrived I made my way through the bar/restaurant area and headed into the back room. The crowd was already in full swing and enjoying The Copyrights. I could tell it was going to be a good show.

The Copyrights finished, the crowd moved in towards the stage and everyone was ready and waiting for Off With Their Heads. After a short break, to switch out some instruments, singer Ryan Young (no relation) and the band took the stage. Just as I experienced the first time around, these guys don’t mess around. No theatrics, excessive story telling or anything of that sort. The concept is simple – just four dudes and some punk rock.

They started out with “I Am You” and never stopped rocking from there. They played straight through 13 songs never taking a break. Well, except for those few breaths Ryan took, he was getting tired towards the end of the show. With their touring schedule it’s not hard to imagine! It seems like they are always touring, which is awesome, be sure to check ‘em out when they’re in your neck of the woods.

As they played through their set fists were in the air, everyone was singing along and the mosh pit near the stage engulfed almost half the crowd at times. There were no flinchers in this crowd, just healthy doses of pushing back. Towards the end of “Go On Git Now” Ryan threw the mic into the crowd and the fan that finished the last few lines of the song was his sound alike! It was crazy! They also performed a new song, “Drive”, and I liked it. They don’t stray from their existing style in the new song and that’s a good thing.

“Seriously, just two more songs” and then they finished the show with two of my favorites, “Die Today” (my Monday morning anthem) and “S.O.S.”. And that was it. End show. Good shit.

It turns out the band doesn’t use a set list. They just wing it, which is pretty cool. I attempted to put one together, the best that I could, but I am missing a couple songs. My apologies.

1. I Am You
2. Until The Day…
3. Go On Git Now
4. For The Four
5. Keep Falling Down
6. Jackie Lee
7. Janie
8. Drive
9. ??
10. Fuck This, I’m Out
11. ??
12. Die Today
13. S.O.S.

If you like gritty, catchy punk rock – I highly recommend you check out Off With Their Heads! You can find them here:
MySpace or Facebook

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