Devendra Banhart in Chicago

Devendra Banhart
Vic Theatre – Chicago, IL
November 16, 2009

Devendra Banhart Vic Theatre

I wasn’t planning on reviewing this one – so I’ll only touch upon the key moments – and there were certainly many. I wrote my notes in my cell phone…2010 Baby! List form, go:

1) Devendra rocked some ridiculously colored shoes and a t-shirt that said “We did it CHICAGO STLYE.”

2) Valencia Roxy Music and Rats underwent some changes for the worse…all other songs were enhanced live (especially the Spanish ones).

3) In freak-folk land, the backing band was a SuperGroup: Rodrigo Amarante – Guitarist (Los Hermanos, Little Joy) Noah Georgeson (Little Joy, Devendra Producer) Greg Rogove – drummer (Priestbird) Luckey Remington – bassist (The Pleased).

More photos of Devendra Banhart after the jump…

Devendra Banhart Vic Theatre4) The Devendra solo songs were better though.

5) Devendra is debating between calling his band Dufus 3D and The Groggs (I think he prefers The Groggs).

6) Brindo was 100 times better live.

7) We got the best song from Little Joy first-hand.

8. He played “Lover”!!

9) The second half of “Angelika” was awesome.

10) Very Young, Very Good, Very Appreciative crowd, a lot of interaction with a talkative Devendra – surprisingly intimate show.

11) I’d like to get a hold of The Pleased song that Luckey performed, it rocked, and I need to check out their (Joanna Newsom-collab!) albums.

12) Was pleased that an audience member threw his hat on stage, his dream is to get hit with a tomato.

13) Two of the best surprises pulled from his first tour when he was travel ling with Entrance – the awesome Charles C. Leary (the first song I’ve ever heard of his) and the killer Johnny Thunders song “You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory.”

14) One girl climbed on stage during their pre-encore last song, her friend joined, then two more…eventually 20+, pretty sweet.

15) His shirtless encore medley of “Chinese Children” and “I Feel Just Like A Child” was just as awesome as you’d expect.

16) Devendra couldn’t have been more grateful…a very solid, intimate, direct, and memorable show. Incredible set list:

Set List / Chicago

Long Haired Child
16th And Valencia Roxy Music
Can’t Help But Smiling
Little Yellow Spider
(solo acoustic)
Sight To Behold (solo acoustic)
How’s About Telling A Story (solo acoustic)
No One’s Better Sake (Little Joy)
“It’s Gonna Take Some Time To Be Alone With You” (The Pleased)
I Remember
Charles C. Leary (solo acoustic)
You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory (Johnny Thunders) (solo acoustic)
“New Song Hot off the Fudging Press” (Priestbird)
Carmensita (I’m Pretty Sure)
Chinese Children
Feel Like A Child

Devendra Banhart Vic Theatre

Written by: Joseph O’Fallon

Photos by: Stephanie Anderson

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  1. Braden says:

    hey was just wondering if you ever did get hold of the luckey remington track cant find it anywhere

  2. Michelle says:

    1. the song Luckey Remington performed it isn’t from the pleased. It’s from luckey’s solo work, and you can find it in this link:

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