Inside the Life of Party Rockers LMFAO

In between taking naps and working on their next album, LMFAO tells us all from the start of the uncle/nephew team to what is in store for future concert goers. Their sold-out tour will be stopping and dropping at over 30 cities across the nation. Did you get your ticket to the party?


I was lucky enough to catch LMFAO in between naps on the road to their Saint Louis show before the weekend. The native California duo have also started their own clothing line, exclusively sold at LMFAO can almost always be found wearing something new from the brand. The super chill Red Foo, uncle to Sky Blu, spent some time to talk about the past, present and future of their lifestyle brand: Party rock.

Dead Hub: Well, let’s just start with you guys. What gave you the idea to form a group with a family member?

Red Foo: We’ve always been doing music together for a long time, but we were both solo artists. We did a few tracks together… and then we both took a trip to Miami. I mean, we’re like best friends. We were playing basketball and making music, and after we came back from the WMC, then we just decided to just be groupie’s group!

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DH: Did either of you work solo or were you always collaborating?

RF: We were DJs and… actually I DJ’d and Sky was the MC and we were doing parties. It was all a master plan to practice and make songs, you know what I mean? But like I said, it wasn’t until Miami when we both experienced something that no other humans have experienced… We both had an epiphany and said “We gotta do this together, man! We can change the whole thing!”

DH: What inspired you to branch out and go global? Was it other artists or anyone in particular?

RF: The late, great DJ AM. He was starting a DJ night and wanted us to produce some electro beats for him. But, we had never really done that before, coming from a background of producing hip hop. He said, “Here’s a CD of some of the stuff I’m talking about.” It blew our minds!

DH: Who was on the mix CD?

RF: Some Justice, Uffie, Chromeo, Does It Offend You, Yeah? and… I don’t know if he’s popular, but LCD Soundsystem.

DH: LCD Soundsystem is amazing! Now that I think about it, I can totally hear a little bit of LCD in your music!

RF: Yeah, man! It was all this… rock, electro, punk stuff. It opened us up to a whole new world. So we started DJing and searching blogs for all types of music and eventually said “Yo, let’s start making our own version of this stuff!”

DH: “This stuff?” What exactly is your “stuff?” What would you call it?

RF: We call it simply party rock. Music that rocks the party. Getting the people hyped, musical breakdowns that let people wile out, put their hands up and… it’s kind of like music that just highlights and celebrates life and the party lifestyle.

DH: Your album has really taken off since the release of Party Rock this summer. Have you done any cool promotions or concerts?

RF: We just did a signing at Best Buy at their headquarters where they unveiled a new “Club Beats” section which is DJ department of headphones and turntables, a few new computers. We did a three song show and signing.

DH: Anything you both are looking forward to in the future?

RF: Taking over the world!
Sky Blu: Yeah!!
RF: Just spreading the Party Rock culture and brand. It’s not just the music, it’s the lifestyle, the social network, the clothing. Corporations pay millions in commercial and branding and we did this… basically grass roots with no money using Facebook and Youtube. A lot of it you see, you know. But, our songs travel via the clubs, and the DJs have a lot to do with spreading the sound and the vibe. Party Rock is a family.

DH: So, about the Party Rock tour… What can the crowd expect from one of your shows?

RF: Oh, man! They can expect… just… a crazy party. Probably a lot of pelvic thrusting like Bobby Brown in the old days… you might see some people jump on stage, getting crazy and dancing. You are definitely going to see some crowd surfing… you know, just a wild time. Plus, you get to see Schwayze and the sexy Paradiso Girls. Far East Movement and Space Cowboy are gonna blow your mind, too.

DH: Any surprises for the Chicago show?

RF: We might have something special in the works. (laughs) We are supposed to have this local dancer, Jenny Boom Boom. She may come out that night.

DH: And what about the after party?

RF: I’m almost positive we will do something. We go out to a few spots when we come to Chicago. But, we might have a big travel day. We might have to leave at two in the morning.

DH: What do you do on the road to pass the time?

RF: My favorite thing is sleeping. I think that’s the key and so far so good. We play Call of Duty and we just got DJ Hero, but we haven’t opened it yet.

DH: Any artist you want to do a song with?

RF: One of our label mates, Lady Gaga. Interscope was taking her around and brought her to a club where we were playing at. He asked if she could perform a few songs and she was good. This is before anyone knew her. Two months after that, we started hearing her name and songs everywhere. And we hadn’t even signed to Interscope yet!

DH: So, when’s the new album coming out?

RF: Well, we have some Australian and UK dates coming up and it just really depends. We should start working in January if we want it to come out after the summer. We might have to carve out some time to not do any shows. We’ll probably go to Hawaii for a month and surf and work out a new album.

DH: Any last words for America’s hipster youth?

RF: Party. All day.

Before the interview was over, LMFAO mentioned you can contact them both directly through! “It goes right to my e-mail, if someone comments on my page. So I’m always checking it. We can respond back to you no matter where we are.” is also affiliated with their clothing line. You can even custom create your own LMFAO swagger.

There’s one last thing Red Foo wants you to know: “If you come to our party, come dressed to impress!”

*LMFAO was interviewed by Blake Russell for The Dead Hub.

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