Lolene Talks about her Victoria Secret Campaign, the Disco Vagina blog, and Electrick Hotel!

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Dead Hub: Congrats on the success of Sexy People on the Billboard Charts!

Lolene: It’s so amazing!

Dead Hub: Can you tell us about the Victoria Secret and “Sexy People” partnership?

Lolene: You are the first person I am telling this to. Yeah, I am a big fan of Victoria secret! They are, what I consider, the high-end lingerie line. It’s going to be a big campaign over Christmas. It is very competitive commercial! I am so flattered they picked “Sexy People” over so many other artists! “Sexy People” is the new Victoria Secret song!! Sexy song for a sexy brand!! I hope I get to do some in store performances, or have music that can be placed into the (shopping) bags.


Dead Hub: Who or what inspires your sexiness?

Lolene: Individuality. The reason for writing “Sexy People” is because sexy people party with me. They are all kinds of people. I am living here (Los Angeles) and there is so much pressure to be sexy and thin. What I am really doing is celebrating individuality. Everyone has something sexy, whether it’s their laugh, body, or intelligence.

DH: Who was the create force behind the “Sexy People” Video?

Lolene: Me, of course!! The “Sexy People” video was created on a tiny budget. When you are starting out and new, you have to earn the big budget. Plus, “Sexy People” is an intro track and not a single. I wanted to do something super sexy with a small budget. So what is sexier than turning herself into Electrick Hotel, which is the name of the new album? It’s a disco inside my body. We used my dancers that tour with me. We also did quite a bit of gender-bending in the video. It’s about having a good, sexy time.

DH: Can we have status on Lula, your disco baby?

Lolene: Someone stole one of my disc o babies. I write my songs and my songs are my babies. The whole vagina name is about rebirthing ideas…giving life to my songs. Disco baby is something I created. They are neon, crazy disco kids that I have with me at my performances. They are crazy little disco babies and I hang with them onstage while performing. Lula (missing baby) is amazing! She was the only girl disco baby. We started the campaign to find her, but to no avail! People like the disco babies and now we are manufacturing disco babies so you can have your own and not take mine!! (she laughs)


DH: Disco Vagina blog?

Lolene: Because it is a special place to interact. The vajj is a special place, and I wanted a very special place to interact with fans. It’s also me ranting and giving life!

(Editor’s note: Only Lolene could make the Disco Vagina blog sound non-sexual. The first time I heard about the Vagina Blog, dirty thoughts went into my head and “Why?” also popped up too. Actually, it’s very clever because Lolene really does appreciate all her fans and the DVB has become a special place for her and her fans.)

DH: How is the Electrick Hotel Shaping up?

Lolene: Amazing! I am absolutely amazed. I took my time because I didn’t want to just throw something out there! I wanted every song to be as amazing as it could be, especially when it came to writing the songs and selecting the best ones to put on the album. It is a very eclectic album, all pop. It’s awkward pop that’s spiky and different. There is a lot of lyrical content. I don’t feel like everyone hears my voice on “Sexy People”, but the other songs I am singing a lot. There are many levels to what I am saying; each song is a different room (thus Electrick Hotel). It’s all done, but we are mixing it right now!

DH: How is LA Treating you?

Lolene: Amazing! I feel slightly adopted by the public. I am a comedian and blend in to my surroundings. I feel like I am a citizen to the earth, not just a Britain. I moved here 18 months ago. Who doesn’t love the sun and the melting pot of people? I am still very proud to be a British citizen.

DH: You call yourself awkward pop. What is awkward pop?

Lolene: Pop is pop; it’s popular. Eminem is pop all the way to Miley Cyrus. It’s not run-of-the-mill pop. It’s not sugar and easy to understand. It makes you feel uncomfortable, or you might like it or hate it. I take my music and put awkward undertones in it. Like the song off Electrick Hotel, “Under the Bus”. It’s about someone being “thrown under the bus”, not literally, but you know the saying. It’s not everyday language that is used in pop music.

DH: What are you looking forward to in 2010?

Lolene: The album releasing, having “Rich” be the next single. It’s about the “fake it until you make it” mentality. There is a lot of that here in LA with the whole glamorous façade. I am looking forward to shooting the video for that and I am excited about performing, and I adore singing live. I always meet people afterwards because that is exciting for me. I also love promoting and traveling. Plus I am creating more for the lifestyle line and everything Lolene!

Lolene 1

DH: Planning on more tour dates?

Lolene: Touring is expensive and until I grow I can cover more ground, I have to perform where there is demand for me. What I want to do is a club tour. I have a top 10 Billboard Dance chart song and it’s going to head to #1. I want to play the clubs! I have a huge gay following and my gay fans are amazing!

I am planning on opening for another artist next year. (more information coming when confirmed)

DH: 2009 highlights?

Lolene: Signing to Capital Records and the grass roots way of getting signed. I didn’t go on a reality show. I never had a piggy back ride; I’ve had the door slammed in my face, so this is a huge accomplishment! It’s the old-school way of doing things. Having a Top 10 in the Billboards charts!! As a British person, to end up on US charts is a little unusual. The US market is the hardest to crack. For me to do that, coming from the UK, where lots of people have tried and failed, says a lot.

Editor’s Note: Yes, Lolene is from the UK, and I had to ask her if she celebrates Thanksgiving. She says that she feels bad that she doesn’t fully understand the US custom, but does enjoy the blessings of the US holiday. So what is Lolene thankful for?

Lolene: I am thankful for music, life, and my family!!

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  1. Dj NIKEY says:

    your music is amazing Lolene looking forward to The Electric Hotel


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