Peaches: WTF?

The Metro – Chicago, IL

Peaches The MetroPeaches… What to say about Peaches? Well According to her website “Peaches has always trafficked in subversion. Having held the attention of international audiences for a decade, now she reveals new dimensions of her artistry. A revolutionary figure in 21st century electronic music, Peaches can also reference the innovations of like-minded icons who preceded her with cool assurance. Peaches is still Peaches. “I have a strong image and a strong character,” she admits.”

Peaches The MetroI didn’t know much about Peaches, I heard a couple of her songs before, and I thought they had cool beats and everything, but I knew I could never listen to her music at work. Because she sooo explicit! Although she has some songs that aren’t so bad, the songs that are raunchy… ARE very raunchy!! She does not hold back or censor herself. An example is her song “Fuck the Pain Away” wow! You can imagine what the song is like if you don’t already know how hardcore that song is. She can create vivid images in your head with her lyrics alone.

As far as her performance at the Metro November 20 here in Chicago goes, to me it was the craziest, scariest, and weirdest concert experience I have EVER had! I couldn’t even stay for the whole thing. I was scared and confused. It was like a female Kiss Concert or something. Her hair and makeup was mad crazy along with her wardrobe. She opened standing on top of the stage with an enormously large black (I think) hair-piece and crazy make up. The audience seemed to love her and they all seemed to be possessed or something.

The lighting was really cool, and some of the beats, even though I was weirded out by the performance, I couldn’t help but too rock in my chair . My favorite part of the show was when she literally walked across the hands of the audience- From the stage to the sound board and back.

Other than that, I thought the show was wayyy far from my cup of tea. So I give the show 1 star.

I simply didn’t like it. So, I’d be happy to listen to Peaches from a distance moving forward. If you were there I’d love to hear your comments.

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