Space Cowboy Lands in U.S. with Futuristic Sounds

Space Cowboy - Digital Rock Star

If you remember Fatboy Slim from the 90s (“The Rockafeller Skank” and “Weapon of Choice”), then consider yourself a little bit more familiar with the up and coming Space Cowboy. Featured under Fatboy Slim’s label for years, Space Cowboy has finally hit U.S. shores with tracks featuring some of the hottest artists of the time.

More about his debut US album Digital Rock Star after the jump…

Nick Dresti, a.k.a. DJ Space Cowboy, has been around since the late 90s under a different name: DJ Supreme. After a quick name change, Space Cowboy started what is sure to be a successful career working and remixing artists like Lady Gaga, Fergie, and Prince. The new album Digital Rock Star is his fourth album under the pseudonym Space Cowboy. The album features top Billboard artists such as The Paradiso Girls, LMFAO, and Far East Movement.

Here is a track-by-track listing for those who have not picked up the album:

1. Just Play That Track (Intro)

2. Falling Down (feat. Chelsea Korka)

3. I Came 2 Party (feat. Cinema Bizarre)

4. Boyfriends Hate Me

5. Devastated (feat. Chantelle Paige & Cherry Cherry Boom Boom)

6. Invisible

7. Party Like Animal (feat. Kree & Vistoso Bosses)

8. Talking In Your Sleep

9. Imma Be Alright (Rent Money)

10. I Want You Back

11. My Egyptian Lover (feat. Nadia Oh & Jinho Ferreira)

12. Falling Down (Remix feat. LMFAO)

13. Never Again

Digital Rock Star is a wild and eclectic mix of tracks with anything from heavy four-to-the-floor beats to crazy synth harmonies. Space Cowboy even gives us some vocals on a few tracks. Some of his most memorable songs like “Devastated” or “Falling Down” have been featured on radio stations around the world. Tracks like “My Egyptian Lover” are just a preview of what is in store for Space Cowboy’s future.

There are a few songs that are just too generic pop to make a blip on the radar.   Space Cowboy more than makes up for those tracks by constantly producing great tracks for top artists. His recent work on Lady Gaga’s new album The Fame Monster has garnered the DJ even more praise than necessary. Space Cowboy’s songs are still reminiscent of Fatboy Slim’s sound with a futuristic spin. Most of the album would do well in a club playing Top 40s with remixes and the like.

If you are just one of those clubbers that can’t get enough of this DJ, do a quick search for his album Digital Rock which was released in 2007 in London’s West End. Even though they are a few years old, these tracks are definitely as futuristic as his most current album. It also features more of the UK DJ and less collaborations with other artists.

If you still remain unconvinced by the future of DJ Space Cowboy, you can check him out on LMFAO’s Party Rock Tour. Tour dates are available at

Written by: Blake Russell

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