LMFAO gets Chicago hyped!

Congress Theatre – Chicago, IL


As I was walking into the venue, I was skeptical that this concert could be enjoyable. However, their music is less about content and more about hype; I found their performance to be immensely entertaining. Each of their singles such as “I’m in Miami Bitch” and “Shots” were executed at such a high energy level, that it is difficult to find yourself not bobbing along to the beat and reciting their notorious hooks!

lmfaoAs the incoherent screams of hundreds of young hipsters filled the auditorium of the Congress Theater, the LA-based electro-pop sensation, LMFAO, charged the stage. The synths were blaring and the bass bumping as the duo rocked the crowd with the hits that have swept the nation since their summer debut.

They pranced wildly about the stage while their scantily-clad female back-ups were sure to keep anyone’s attention with their shaking derrières. LMFAO shouted the same catchy chants that have so quickly launched them into pop super-stardom, their adoring teenage fans recited with lyrics with undeniable fanaticism. As for myself, I may be too old to be bobbing along with the brightly dressed high school kids that filled the stadium, but I swear I’ll be reciting LMFAO’s addicting hooks for weeks to come. These men are truly performers and provide the perfect spectacle that their fan-base of teenage girls pays to see.

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