Donny Dirks Zombie Den

Donny Dirks Zombie Den
2027 N 2nd St
Minneapolis, MN 55411


There are so many great things to say about this bar I don’t even know where to start! First things first this place had me with the cheesy flicks on the tube, this special night featured the Garbage Pail Kids Movie. I hear they show all sorts of Zombie-esk flicks. They have Daily Happy Horror from 4pm to 7pm with 2 for 1 Tap Beer. In the corner, a small chainsaw sits inside a glass case that reads “In case of zombie attack, break glass.” They have a “Weird Science” option where you can play Mixologist and make up your own dangerous concoctions. And you gotta love the clever drink descriptions!

Champagne Cocktail
Fancy fun for everyone. Choose from peach, rhubarb, orange, grapefruit, cherry or aromatic bubbles.

“Orange Death”
When you only have a half a pair of testicles you don’t order this drink. Brandy, orange, & strong.

“El Baron Del Terror”
Made for & by orphaned Mexican zombies that we found in the basement.
The most bastardized classic made the proper way w/ the juice of a whole fresh lime in each glass. A Margarita…..made in Mexico… terrorists.

Décor: Swanky with chandeliers, tiger striped carpet, smoked out mirrors, deer heads, & large cozy seats at the bar or plush booths to lounge in.

The Crowd: Everyone seems to be real chill. We came early so it wasn’t very busy. I hear it gets uber packed the later it gets.

Service: Incredibly attentive. Our server was so polite & helpful when it came to recommending drinks. The bartenders all dress like Simon Pegg in “Shaun of the Dead” with white button-up shirt, red tie and blood stains while the female servers wear long black gowns.

dirks 2Photo By Tom Wallace – Star Tribune

Liquid Courage On Tap:
Laguintas IPA
Grain belt premium
Summit EPA
Miller lite
Tripel karmeliet

Eats: No food but you can order in! The bar even has a Bat-phone with a direct line to Psycho Suzi’s for food orders. (Psycho Suzi ‘s is another bar – same owners)

dirks 3Photo By Tom Wallace – Star Tribune

Sounds: Rock music & friendly convos.

Parking: Nothin’ but street.

Overall: This is everything a Zombie Bar should be. It was a bit pricy but well worth it. Can’t wait to come back to try some more Zombie drinks next time I come back Minneapolis.

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