martina1The SunnyD Presents Shine All Night Tour Starring Martina McBride & Trace Adkins kicked off before the Thanksgiving holiday and night after night, McBride commanded legions of fans and critics to take note – The powerhouse vocalist can rock an arena with an all-out, swing-for-the-fences, no-holds-barred high energy production the size and scale of a rock star. Enthusiastic crowd reaction and highly animated audience participation proved McBride shattered all illusions of a sit-in-your-seat-and-clap-politely evening as the superstar entertainer unveiled surprise after surprise during her impressive 90 minute set of hit country music, costume changes, and elaborate production and staging.

“Opening night in Moline was nothing short of magic,” said McBride. It was not coincidence that this was the location of her Great Performances tv special and subsequent live DVD. The entertainer knew her enthusiastic Quad City audience was the perfect “home” to share such a special night.

“I wish I could describe how amazing it feels to be on the receiving end of all that love and positive energy,” McBride added.

She explained the first show is always electric and much of the excitement is due to the thrill of the unknown but a return to Moline heightened that experience. After countless hours of planning and rehearsing for the Shine All Night Tour, the moment to step onstage in front of thousands of anticipating fans arrived and McBride was anxious to see how well the new show would be received.


“We just had to cross our fingers, say a prayer, and go out there and rock,” said Martina. “Luckily, it was a nearly flawless show…one of the best shows I have ever done…and the crowd was truly unbelievable!”

The Quad City Times couldn’t agree more and noted “The mutual love affair between Martina McBride and the Quad-Cities continued and grew stronger Friday night.”

That was just the beginning. After St. Paul on Saturday, the Pioneer Press headline read “Martina McBride earns major country-star status Saturday” and went on to include whole-hearted praise from beginning to end with statements “Striding about a stage as large as what remained of the main floor at the Xcel, she exuded the air of a rock star. Her 18-song set was filled with spectacular singing, the emotion she poured out clearly transfixing most of the audience,” and “If this tour is intended to reassert McBride’s status as a major country star, then Saturday’s show certainly made her case well.

Milwaukee’s performance capped off the weekend and reinforced what fans from the previous night were already saying about the unique pairing of Martina McBride and Trace Adkins as Shine All Night headliners – this is an exceptionally fun-filled evening of superstar entertainment.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote “The two musicians brought together opposite ends of popular country music spectrum to create a cohesive package” and further explained, “McBride was comfortable straddling the lines between pop star and country girl” and for Adkins “With a deep baritone voice and a hulking frame, the former oil rig worker performed a hit-filled set that traveled from rowdy fun to emotionally gripping nostalgia and romance.”

For the nearly 40 dates through Spring 2010, the Shine All Night Tour will run the gamut of emotional release combining countless radio hits and award-winning music of McBride and Adkins. Songs flavored with boisterous revelry, sexy romance and honest reflection leave fans no choice but to dance in the aisles, fist wave and chant and hold on tight to loved ones while remembering what matters most.

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