Google Discovers there’s Music Out in the Big Bad World

Google..Google…Google…what can’t they do? I am still waiting for an Android App that will make me breakfast, and if anybody can get that done its Google! Until then we will all have to settle with Google’s new Music Search listings. Ok, I really don’t know what they call it, but it’s a new way to search, listen, and purchase music from select artists. By select we mean participating artists.

google splash

If you look at the front page of Google today they tell you to Discover New Music today! See snapshot below. By clicking on the link it directs you to the handy dandy information/how to page.

google how to

I typed in a few West Coast bands that I really enjoy such as The Northstar Session and run Devil Run. It’s too bad that the search results came up with bands called FAR CRY and Paul McCartney.

Google oops

It’s a great little nod for the big artists when their fans are searching for them, but I am feeling bad for the little guys that aren’t on Google’s participation list*not registered at iLike, Rhapsody, or Pandora. Some of the small guys are still trying to get on Rhapsody and iLike and after talking to many “start-up” artists they have no clue how to even go about doing that.

The “Discover Music” feature for Google is great for the big guys, yet Google still has some work to do. Why not just build your own “Music Storage” service that enables artists to upload music and have Google “deliver” or make that content “searchable” for this Discover Music update? My head is spinning with the ideas of what I would do if I had the resources and stronghold like Google retains. I would be pissing off a lot of silverbacks*.

*Old men with gray hair that have the stronghold on the music industry, aka greedy controlling bastards.

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