Chicago Is Open to New York’s Body Language

Body Language
Metro – Chicago, IL


The Brooklyn-based electro team are opening for their tour with Zero 7. However, Body Language is no stranger to performing, recently touring with School of Seven Bells as well as originating from private events and basement parties. Their hi-fi sound is alike and unlike anything you have heard before. Their first EP, Speaks, was supplied
from the demand of their live audiences and friends. On December 4th, Body language gave the Chicago crowd a reason to join the group in their fancy footwork. Grinding out groovy covers like Detroit Grand Pubah’s “Sandwiches”, Body language just may be “hot like butter” in 2010.

More on their synth sounds after the jump…

The soulful vocals soared to the high balcony while the floors of the Metro beat with their bass heavy tracks. From the R&B feel of “Work This City” to the cheerful synth “Holiday” at the close of their set, each song seemed different in its own unique way. Their sound is vaguely reminiscent of artists like “The Killers“, “Cut Copy” or “Santigold” with their unique basement indie sound woven throughout. Body language seemed to have a blast on stage, and the growing crowd showed their appreciation by joining the trio in dance.
Body Language is definitely an artist to watch. Most of the audience had not heard of them, yet were thunderously applauding their set as it closed. Unfortunately, their set was pretty short, spanning only 5 or 6 of their songs and covers. With a bit of hunting, you can download a few of their remixed tracks. Also, a 5-track EP is available on their album entitled Speaks which is available on iTunes or Amazon.
You can keep up with all of Body languages rhymes and remixes on their band page:
Written by: Blake Russell



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