Another Band in a Bus Accident: Underoath

I just saw heavy metal rockers, Underoath, on Saturday at the Rave in Milwaukee and was taken when I heard the news of the their van being crushed.

UNDEROATH The Rave 12 5 09 3

They were on their way to Omaha, NE when the van was crushed! Here are two pictures from the band’s Twitpic account, here and here. The van was carrying only the band’s equipment, but the driver of the van did sustain injuries.

The guys wrote on their website:

“Please pray for our friend Zack that was driving. He’s in pain but he survived which is honestly a miracle if you would have seen the van.”

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  1. Zack says:

    Holy shit!


  1. […] van holding their equipment was in while on its way to Omaha. More details and photos about the crash here. The guys are fine, but the driver of the bus did sustain […]

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