Find out what happens when Emeralds, Mountain Home and Codeine strip down with Vin Du Select Qualitite!

After a spectacular launch in September the Vin Du Select Qualitite label is off the ground and running!

The Mark McGuire (of Cleveland’s drone hero’s Emeralds) LP sold out in a matter of weeks
and is being repressed as we speak.

The Joshua Blatchley (of Mountain Home) LP and the LP from
indie rock legend Chris Brokaw of Codeine, Come, the New Year, Pullman and the New Wave Bandits
are dwindling fast.

Reaction has been overwhelmingly positive to this unique series of acoustic guitar solo albums.

In 2010, look for VDSQ to return with an all new batch of acoustic guitar beauty
from legendary favorites and budding new discoveries.

These releases are not just for collectors, this music should be heard by everyone
who has ever wondered what musical visionaries can produce when creating
through an acoustic guitar medium.


Mark McGuire, who you may know as one-third of Cleveland noise trio Emeralds, has more than 20 releases under his belt, but none quite like his offering for VDSQ. Of his song “Front Porch Breeze,” McGuire says, “It started out as a ten-minute track..I had just come in from outside when I recorded it and I remember my hands being too cold from the wind to play at first. If I had waited a few minutes to start this would probably be a much longer piece.”
Check out the cold-hands track HERE.

Joshua Blatchley fronts the band Mountian Home and his release on VDSQ is his first solo instrumental guitar album. Stereogum praised his music as being “wandering, openly structured, classically tuned atmospherics.”
Check out “City of Trees Rag” HERE.

Of Chris Brokaw, Lazy Comet Blog has said, “what he’s transmitting is quintessentially American” – and we concur. An indie rock legend through years playing with Codeine, Come, the New Year, Pullman and the New Wave Bandits, Chris will hit the road with Molina and Johnson in the New Year and this release is one of his most fascinating to date.
Listen to “Outside My Window” HERE.

What is Vin Du Select Qualitite?

VDSQ (Vin Du Select Qualitite) is a new acoustic guitar LP series curated by Steve Lowenthal of Swingset Magazine and Plastic Records. The first three releases include the debut recording from Joshua Blatchley of Mountain Home, Mark McGuire, who plays guitar in Cleveland drone hero’s Emeralds, and session-man, indie rock legend Chris Brokaw, who played in bands such as Codeine, Come, The New Year, Pullman, and the New Wave Bandits and many others. The series will be released on high quality LP with Letterpress sleeves, each with a picture of the guitar used to record the record. Track-by-track liner notes will be included.

“The idea behind VDSQ was really to do a label that was a nod to the great guitar-oriented labels like Takoma and Transatlantic but focusing on contemporary artists rather than reissues,” said Lowenthal. “I tried to curate a series that transcended genre and really pull together some exceptional musicians from different geographic and musical scenes. The goal is to hopefully bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary styles of music all within the context of acoustic guitar music. The process of each edition of the series is such that it really lets the personality of the player come to the forefront so each record really reflects the essence of the personality of the players.”

For more information contact- Christen + Samantha @ Daffodil Publicity-

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