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  • HuDost – Trapeze


    Album Cover 2009

    According to HuDost’s Website, the band HuDost was initially formed as an acoustic duo between songwriters Moksha Sommer and Jemal Wade Hines that later expanded to include an ensemble of musicians and instruments. With the band’s third album, Trapeze, HuDost exemplifies their versatility with genres and musicianship that gained them acclaim from their first two albums and currently puts them at the forefront of the folk rock world.

    The album consist of 14 tracks, and  it reminds me of music that is played at borders, or at Starbucks.  The album’s sound is ideal for lounging around, studying, cocktail parties,  or even just cleaning up. Trapeze is very chill, to say the least and complex. I  enjoy Sommer’s vocals.  She has a very pleasant and yearning voice. Although I have no idea what she is talking about in any of the songs I didn’t mind, it was a pleasure just listening. In addition to Sommer and Wade, the band consists of three percussionists and a variety of other musicians who play bass, cello, acoustic guitar, flutes and additional vocals. In “Breakup Breakdown,” the song opens with tribal percussion and flute before acoustic guitar and Sommer join in to add more melodic direction. “Breakup Breakdown” showcases the band’s side of world music.

    The album however seemed to take a turn in its genre somewhere in the middle, I got bored and confused; I started to feel like I was listening to contemporary Christian for a second.  The album jumps genres in each song, going between country, folk, world and rock and can leave the listener longing for a sound they heard on an earlier track that does not come back later.  But overall I enjoyed the album, and would recommend it for anyone’s listening pleasure; it’s a great escape from the norm.

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