Underoath Deliver the Wall of Thunder at the Rave

The Rave – Milwaukee, WI

Spencer Chamberlain – lead vocals, additional guitars
Timothy McTague – lead guitar, backing vocals
Grant Brandell – bass guitar
James Smith – rhythm guitar
Christopher Dudley – keyboards, synthesizers, samplers
Aaron Gillespie – clean vocals, drums


The energy was alive at the Rave on Saturday night. It was heavy metal mayhem night in Milwaukee. For those who have never been to the Rave there are at least 5 stages in the venue and they were all packed with local bands. The bands were the crowd’s entertainment before openers Emery and August Burnsaed hit the mainstage. Since the Midwest is known for their crazy and incredibly loyal heavy metal, there were fans that drove from miles and hours to be at the Rave for Underoath.

UNDEROATH The Rave 12 5 09 1

We covered Underoath at Mayhem (video Here & Here)and as one of the guys from crowd pointed out, “Underoath perform better in smaller venues.” It has to be the sound element. At Mayhem Underoath lost of the power punch that they pack in the smaller venues. Saturday night Underoath delivered the wall of thunder to the crowd. The show was full throttle energy as Spencer, Tim, James, and even Chris engaged in non-stop movement on stage. As always Spencer yucked it up with the fans in the front, which is what they waited all night in the front lines for.

underoaththerave12_5_093.jpgThe funny part of the night was when Spencer thanked Emery and August Burnsaed from opening. Too bad not all of were there to see them. I mean the mainstage was packed when I peaked in but with the Rave’s other stages many were caught up in the action of some of the local bands.

The guys dug into their catalog and also played some new songs. Spencer and Tim were very grateful for those fans that actually went out to purchase Lost In The Sound Of Separation. The guys are still on tour minus the accident that their van holding their equipment was in while on its way to Omaha. More details and photos about the crash here. The guys are fine, but the driver of the bus did sustain injuries.

The setlist from the night:
UO setlist

Click on Thumbnails to Enlarge photo:


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  1. Aaron says:

    hey.. my friend and I attended this show.. Awesome concert for sure.. but i was wondering if we could get the picture you took of us.. hopefully you didnt delete it!
    it was my friends birthday! and we were really hoping to get that pic…
    /rock hard\

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