Best of 2009

Welcome to our Best of 2009 listing where we are reminiscing about our top albums, popular music news, favorite photos, & personal accomplishments for us here at The Dead Hub.

Most Shocking Music News
Michael Jackson Dies at Age 50
I think I speak for everyone her at The Dead Hub that we were shocked to hear about the death of Pop Icon Michael Jackson. On June 25th Michael Jackson suffered a cardiac arrest at his Holmby Hills home and paramedics were unable to revive him.

Michel Jacksons Pepsi Footage Surfaces
Another MJ shocker was the Pepsi footage where “he suffered second and third degree burns to his face and scalp while shooting a Pepsi advertisement in front of thousands of fans at Los Angeles’ Shrine Auditorium.”

Rihanna Police Report Photos Leaked!
I know by now we are all tired of hearing about Rihanna & Chris Brown and I promise you this will be the last I say anything about them but I think everyone was taken aback at this photo of Rihanna after her altercation with Chris.

Steven Tylor Leaves Aerosmith
Steven decided to leave Aerosmith. The reason of “personal reasons” was thrown out there. I guess it was “irreconsilable differences.” Why leave a great thing?

Amy Winehouse And The Case Of The Achy Boobs
Amy Winehouse is usually in the news for doing too many drugs, acting out in public…but this time it was for a very different reason. Amy Winehouse hospitalized for her “achy boobs”.

amy winehouse

Drugs, Rehab, and a Consensual Relationship with her Father: Mackenzie Phillips Confesses all on Oprah
I think the title speaks for itself.

DJ AM’s Cause of Death Ruled As Accidental Substance Abuse
After his brush with death in his 2008 plane crash with Travis Barker, DJ AM went on the straight and narrow and even started helping others with drug addiction. So when reports came out with “acute intoxication” as the cause of death it was a big shocker!

Paula Abdul Tweets Ba-Bye
Paula Abdul leaves Idol – seriously I thought she’d be on this show forever, I mean what else is she gonna do?

Adam Yauch Diagnosed with Cancer
It was sad to see Adam’s video message about his diagnosis but it was good to hear that things were on the up and up to a full recovery.

Virgin Megastores Close For Good
“Tho we did see this coming years in the making with free downloads and the birth of MP3 players & iPod’s, but it’s still very sad.”

It was the year of BIG Reunions – Blink 182 & NKOTB!

Motown hits 50yrs
I grew up listening to Motown, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson, The Four Tops, Diana Ross and The Supremes – so I was very excited to hear about their 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Joaquin Phoenix turn rapper?
Joaquin Phoenix wanted to make a name for himself in hip-hop – has anyone heard anything about this? I didn’t think so….

joaquin phoenix

Hoffman Estates Officials Take Control of Sears Centre
We finally get a venue 10minutes away from home and now it’s being shut down! WTF?

Awesome Pics
Lady Gaga

U2 Land at the Rose Bowl in 360 Form and in Homes Across the World!

Sweet Tunes
Here are some of Jessica’s favorite albums from 2009:

Sick Puppies – Tri-Polar
“Tri-Polar is filled with aggressive angry rock and roll.”

Esco Terica – The Riddle
“The entire album is filled with dark guitar melodies mixed with some violins and other stringed orchestral instruments.”













Leah Andreone – Avalanche
“The album ranges from the lullaby of “I’m Here” to the bass driven power pop song “Never Stop Trying.”

Gabriella Cilmi – Lessons To Be Learned
“Lessons to Be Learned is great pop album!”



Here are Celia’s Top 5 Albums of 2009:

White Lies – To Lose My Life
It’s been a couple years since a good rock album has come my way but White Lies filled that void with no problem. This impressive debut delivers hard riffs and dark lyrics with lines I melt over. Death alone makes this album worth mentioning.

Miike Snow- Miike Snow
For not being an r&b album, this was probably the most soulful album to come out this year. The hook to the track Animal was stuck in my head a lot. I couldn’t pin-point exactly why I dug this album so much until I found that two thirds of this band consisted of production team Bloodshy & Avant who just so happen to be a couple of the hottest producers out.

Mos Def – The Ecstatic
Although quality material in hip hop may be hard to come by these days, The Ecstatic proves that it still exists if you look hard enough. It’s obvious Mos Def is one of the best when he can deliver an entire song in Spanish and still kill it. Clearly his hottest album in a while, 2009 wasn’t a complete waste for hip hop.

Peter, Bjorn & John – Living Thing
This album wasn’t quite like 2007’s Writer’s Block but it kind of was – or maybe it just sounded like Peter, Bjorn & John album- if that makes any sense. It’s easy to appreciate what Peter, Bjorn & John have to offer and in all its simplicity, Living Thing was one of my favorites.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Its Blitz!
For this album, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs went in a slightly different direction than usual and the end result was hands down the best album of 2009. I started many mornings with the buzzing sounds of Zero and now have an emotional attachment to the beautiful Soft Shock. I can officially add this to the small list of albums I can listen to from beginning to end. Its Blitz! held me over for most of 09’. Great album.

New Bar finds
Dirks Zombie Den
“This is everything a Zombie Bar should be. It was a bit pricy but well worth it. Can’t wait to come back to try some more Zombie drinks next time I come back Minneapolis.”

dirks 2

Theory Sports Bar
Sangria on Tap! – nuf said.

Mile Stones
We covered our very first Country Fest at Stagecoach!

Running our very first Contests!

Tool of the Year
Kanye! I can’t think of a bigger Tool….

Darwin’s Golden Nugget Award
Goes to Aaliyah! Most Popular Post in Dead Hub History! – The Aaliyah Movie has been the hottest topic around here all year. Thanks to all of the Aaliyah fans who have commented on these posts. If I hear any new news about the movie you will be the first ones I tell!

Check back as we will be adding more to our list throughout the month!

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