December 2009, CHICAGO — Has it been one of those weeks where everything has been going wrong to the point where you have to take a step back and laugh at yourself and what’s happening? Perhaps this could change all of that.

Chicago based band, The Fold wrote and recorded a brand new song (a parody, really) called Every Band in the USA Dan Castady (vocals & guitar) and Mark Rhodes (drums) were armed with a concept, a 3GS iPhone, iMovie and, in just three days, their YouTube plays grew to over 100,000. Since then, it has grown to 185,000 views.

“Do yourself a favor and check out Every Band in the USA at – it’s funny and we all got nailed a bit,” said Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy.

You may already know The Fold. They had a very successful deal with Tooth and Nail records in the USA a couple of years ago but eventually decided to go solo so they could explore their creative side and make the kind of music they wanted to make, instead of spewing out the same style. The Fold has matured instrumentally and lyrically, yet they prove that it’s not all seriousness with their rendition of Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA. Their version, Every Band in the USA, along with its shamelessly silly video, actually offers some serious insights on how the music scene has become all about looks for rock bands, now that the “alternative” scene is in fact the mainstream.

While the Every Band in the USA video was literally an overnight sensation, the band has always held a strong connection with their audience.

“We’ve been living in a van for five years, and seen some crazy stuff – if people get a kick out of us putting that into a song, then we’ll write it! We had a BLAST doing this, and had some of the best fan to band conversations we’ve ever had this past week. We’re floored at what this thing has sparked,” explains Castady. “What we have in the U.S. has grown so strong. It’s like a family that has just been
growing and growing over the years, basically just by word of mouth. We’ve loved it, and now we’re excited to build that up all around the world.”
Armed with their creative independence, their loyal following and now the exploding success of their clever parody video, the Fold is now building their fan base by the hundreds of thousands by the day – and growing.

About The Fold
The Fold got its start in late 2005 and quickly released its first album with Tooth & Nail in February 2006. The band sold over 50,000 albums on EMI/Tooth & Nail Records with two albums, This Too Shall Pass (2006), Secrets Keep You Sick (2007), and the Stargazer EP (2008). In 2007, they were nominated for Best Recording Package at the Grammy Awards. Since 2005, The Fold played over 500 shows in the U.S. and Canada. They have toured with the likes of the Warped Tour, Anberlin, MxPx, and Emery and spent the first part of 2008 on a sold out European tour with Plain White T’s and Spill Canvas. Learn more at


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