Xuman Releases “Panic” Off The Upcoming Xuman Records “Tales” Compilation

Xuman panic

Russian artist Xuman releases electro pop gem “Panic” off the upcoming Xuman Records compilation Tales (released later this month).

The track has been compared sonically to fellow Russians Tesla Boy and France’s Valerie Collective and received praise on high profile electronic blogs like Binary and Nashville Nights.

Check out the song below:

Xuman – Panic


“Listening to Xuman’s “Panic” is like rubbing glitter into your ears.” – All Music

“This track is definitely groove-worthy, beyond catchy, and needs to be on your next party’s playlist, and it may just be on repeat by the end of the night. Indeed, if you’re not moving by the hook of this track, then you don’t have a pulse.”- Sooo Pure

“Xuman will be the label to keep our eyes on this year.” – Danger! Danger!

The Tales compilation is the first release and the manifest of new Russian label Xuman Records.

Founded by label boss/artist Xuman, the Xuman collective is a conglomeration of a wide variety of artists, who all share the Xuman Records studio as well as a common musical vision.

The label is a family. Musicians from different projects regularly rehearse and record tracks together, participate in jam-sessions and perform live together. Xuman Records studio itself is the hub, which occupies a whole house 30 kilometers outside Moscow. People sleep right on the equipment with the drum roll sounding 24/7. The studio is becoming a place of pilgrimage for young musicians — people come to stare at the place and to meet other musicians personally. Some of them become “friends of the label”.

One example of these “fast friends” is the band On-The-Go, whose track is included in the Tales compilation. Among other guest artists are Bajinda Behind The Enemy Lines (who were displayed much kindness from the Russian music press) and Mujuice (who is definitely not “a young indie artist” and who’s been an artist-participant at MIDEM 2009 in Cannes). His previous album was a staple in iPods of editors of Moscow’s magazines and Russian schoolgirls alike.

One highlight of the label is the Xuman project, which is the alias of Alexander, founder and owner of label, producer and famous Russian DJ. His track “Panic” already has been in rotation at Russia’s most popular pop-rock radio Maximum and in many Europe’s and USA’s blogs.

Alexander also participates in The O project with Nikita Eclier (signed to French Boxon Records with his solo project) andIlya Sosnitskiy (former member of famous rock band Visokosniy God). Under this name they are experimenting with inspired electronica similar to Royksopp and Daft Punk.

Tales Compilation

While the stylistic variation of the Tales compilation is quite large at first glance, in fact, there’s one aim- to create a new layer of Russian independent pop-music. And this concept of pop-music is a broad one since it includes hints of indie-rock, trip-hop and electronica.

Semantically, the compilation is divided into three parts: the first one is more about dance and electronic sounds, the second shows thoughtful side of Xuman Records’ music and the third makes you dance to energetic indie-rock.

More Info:

Xuman Myspace
Xuman Records Website
Xuman Records Myspace

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