Chris Brown is off Twitter

Just days after Chris Brown used his Twitter to lash out at retailers he accused of “blackballing” his latest album Graffiti, the singer has deleted his Twitter account. “I wanna thank all my fans for their support,” Brown wrote in his final tweet. “I love yall. Goodbye!” Brown’s rants focused on a Walmart store in Wallingford, Connecticut, but Brown expanded his rant to make a more blanket statement about how the industry views him after he pleaded guilty for assaulting his then-girlfriend Rihanna.

It just so happens Brown found the one Walmart who actually sold out of their Graffiti stock, as reps for several big retailers tell that Brown’s disc is “overstocked” at most stores, with Graffiti well underselling the 150,000-175,000 copies it was expected to move in its debut week. One large chain indicated the album is selling at only 40 percent of initial expectations.

In the past few months, Brown has frequently tweeted and deleted posts, usually after he’d written something that could be construed as a regret or remembrance about his relationship with Rihanna. But Brown had never before pulled a Reznor and eliminated his account. But everyone knows a Twitter page never dies, it just goes into hibernation, so it’s likely only a matter of time before Brown comes crawling back to share his tool-like thoughts with the world again.

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  1. He beat his girlfriend! How can he be mad at retailers who don’t want to support domestic violence? He could easily out rank Kanye West for Ass of Year!

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