Universal Music Participates in Ebay Auction for City of Hope

The Universal Music Store is auctioning several items on Ebay. All of the proceeds for these auctions go to The City of Hope. The City of Hope is an innovative biomedical research, treatment and educational institution. They are dedicated to the prevention and cure of cancer and other life-threatening diseases, guided by a compassionate patient-centered philosophy, and supported by a national foundation of humanitarian philanthropy.

The auction closes on December 21st on the Universal Music Ebay Store. It features autographed items such as an Elton John DVD, James Brown CD, Bon Jovi pickgaurd, a Jadakiss lyric sheet, The Fray “My Little Piano”, Sugarland CD & Lyric Sheet, and an Eve flight bag.

Autographed James Brown CD

Autographed Elton John DVD

Autographed Bon Jovi guitar Pickguard

Autographed Eve flight bag

Autographed and framed Jadakiss lyric sheet

Autographed The Fray “My First Piano”

Autographed Sugarland CD & Lyric Sheet

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