Artists are Giving Away Music for Free This Holiday Season!

‘Tis the season for gift giving and that doesn’t stop when it comes to your favorite artists. In the past week I have received several emails and Facebook notices that “so-and-so is giving you a free gift this season.” The downloads are trending to EP style albums and not just one song.

Singer/Songwriter, Emily Hurd, mailed out her holiday album last year to her fans. This year Taylor Hicks, the Dead Confederates,and Sara Bareilles gave all their fans an opportunity to receive  free digital downloads.

So I am feeling giving and passing the free downloads onto you. Do us a favor and sign up for their email list while you’re at it. Actually some require it!  ;-)

The Dead Confederates: Dirty Ammo Free

dead confederates

Sara Bareilles: Live from the Gravity Tour (join her mailing list!)
sara in chicago

Taylor Hicks: Live at Workplay Theatre – Birmingham, AL


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