Samsung’s Tic Toc: The Sensor Driven MP3 Player

Tic Toc
Not available yet to consumers

samsung Tic Toc mp3 player 2

This week we are at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas looking for the newest and hopefully next mobile music device that will strike the consumer’s fancy. The crew hit the Samsung booth this afternoon and stumbled upon the most adorable mp3 player yet! Not only is it adorable but it is the most innovative mp3 that has yet to hit the consumer market and it’s called Tic Toc.

samsung Tic Toc mp3 player 1

The player is tiny and will be sold in 3 pastel colors. The market looks to be aimed towards tweens, but the G-sensor technology captures a much larger audience. Forget touch screens, this device responds to gravity and how you move it!! Need to skip to the next song? Turn the “main end” of the device to the right and push the button that’s located on the end cap to advance to the next song. Need to go back and play that song you just heard over again? Turn the main end of the device to the left and hit the button.

samsung Tic Toc mp3 player 3

The best feature is its shuffle option. One normally has to physical touch the device screen to select shuffle, but with this Tic Toc you just shake it. It gets even better because Tic Toc will shuffle your faster tempo songs if you shake it vigorously and will shuffle the slower temp songs when shaken at a lower rate. We were amazed by the demo and the sheer size that packed it into.

The specs:

Playback – Audio 12 hours
Memory – 2 to 4 GB
Format – Audio/MP3,WMA,OGG,WAV,FLAC
Sound – DNSe Core
Size – 17.5X17.5×35.9mm
Colors – blue, pink, silver

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