Omaha’s Thunder Power release their 4th EP on Slumber Party Records on March 2nd

Thunder Power will share this split EP Hearts Intersect w/ Toledo based The 1959 Hat Co. Thunder Power teamed up with Ian Aeillo (engineer for artists like Bright Eyes, Cursive, Matthew Sweet) and with Joel Petersen of The Faint for production.

Tour dates soon! Press love Thunder Power!


“Thunder Power reminds us of the kind of simplicity that is all we need to survive on, the ways that letters are put into words and then the way that they’re given context – the way that no matter what we’re going through, there’s really no stopping and that’s usually what gets us through and over to the other side. It’s that feeling that daydreaming is a useful form of avoidance, a way to staving off the kind of entropy that will freeze the joints and muscles and make it easy for everything else to dejectedly shut down…”

AV Club

“Omaha’s Thunder Power used to put three exclamation points at the end of its name, but its gentle music never justified the busy punctuation. It’s not lethargic, just more interested in using acoustic guitars, gentle boy-girl vocals, and keys for part-peppy, part-melancholy folk-pop songs… Thunder Power manages to flesh it out in subtle ways and avoid over-tweeness, making for little moments that let some maturity and individuality show through.”

The Needle Drop

“I realize they have a forceful name, but their music is reminiscent of Belle and Sebastian: it’s got an extremely catchy and whimsical feel to it.”

NYC Taper

“The band delivered a charged set that highlighted their “discomforting” yet beautiful indie pop.”

Who are Thunder Power?

Thunder Power originated in Omaha, Nebraska during the summer of 2006 when a solo project of avant-garde songwriter Matthew Hutton turned into a duo with the addition of percussionist Jason Koba. By early 2007, the group blossomed into an experimental folk outfit complete with two full time woodwind players, brothers Ian and Will Simons. But subscribing to an adopted artsy, lo-fi aesthetic (something like Lou Barlow meets David Lynch) wasn’t cutting it for the group. So they decided to drop any pretense and focus instead on the emotive qualities of the sounds they all grew up loving: kitschy, heartfelt pop music. All was well in swapping clarinets and saxophones for keyboards and bass guitars and also bringing in a fresh face with lead guitarist Alex Boardman. Simple songs, cheerful in melody but somber in content came forth, along with the eventual addition of lead singer Kacynna Tompsett, whose earthy “old soul” vocals are now counterbalanced delicately with lush instrumentation.

Yes, Thunder Power’s music draws a listener in with an earnestness that makes a dreary day a little less dreary, lofting in the realms of murky, folk-laden ballads and chamber pop soirees.

In 2009, Thunder Power embarked on multiple nationwide tours, released two EPs (following up their debut 2008 release, “Love Yourself” via Slumber Party Records), recorded a Daytrotter session and made an appearance at the CMJ Music Marathon ’09, solidifying themselves as among the best of a batch of upcoming bands out of the still hot Omaha music scene.

Their latest release is a split EP with Toledo, Ohio’s The 1959 Hat Co., set to come out March 2nd on Slumber Party Records, both digitally and in a limited 10-inch vinyl run. To date, this will be Thunder Power’s fourth official release, fourth official EP and second official split-EP.

On the horizon is the European release of their now extended debut EP “Love Yourself” via UK-based label Mono Music. That’ll make their first five releases all EPs. Well, sources say the band is currently hard at work piecing together material for their first full length. And they plan on unveiling some of this new material at a string of dates in March, including appearances in Austin during SXSW week.


Love Yourself EP (Slumber Party, 2008)

Friend Ships split-EP with Virgin/EMI recording artist Alessi’s Ark (self-released, 2009)

And Everything After… EP (Slumber Party, 2009)

“Take a Hike” UK single (Mono Music, 2010)

Hearts Intersect split-EP with The 1959 Hat Co. (Slumber Party, 2010)

Love Yourself UK EP (Mono Music, 2010)

More Press:

Obscure Sound

“Led by the uniquely invigorating vocals of Kacynna Tompsett, Thunder Power’s usage of shimmering folk and pop allows them to sit nicely between the hordes of imaginative indie-rock acts and accessible tones of country and folk.”

“Omaha’s Thunder Power feels like a worn old thrift store couch – comfortable … No matter how somber Tompsett’s lyrics get, the mood always stays upbeat due to the band’s sunny arrangements.”

The Umbilical Chord

“I love the feeling you get from listening to twee pop. It’s something like sunshine flooding your veins mixed with the satisfaction of eating a bowl of ice cream. That feeling, of pure bliss, is always how I felt while listening to the debut EP Love Yourself from Thunder Power.”

Hot Biscuits

“Thunder Power have a sound that makes it feel like every day is summer. If you live in a cold climate like me, I’d recommend putting on their Love Yourself EP, closing your eyes, and getting lost in their feel-good vibes.”

The Sound of Indie

“The obvious comparison to Belle & Sebastian could be made, but their sound seems to be rooted a lot more in ‘60s soul or jazz than a retread of contemporary indie pop. This is definitely a band to keep an eye on.”


“Whatever the song, it doesn’t discount the fact that Thunder Power is an excellent band with amazing potential. They proved it with Love Yourself… and they definitely do so again with And Everything After.”

Local Vertical

“One of our favorite bands, Thunder Power, has a new EP out. And Everything After includes five tracks that reveal a more delicate side to the band and singer Kacynna Tompsett, who still sings like no one I’ve ever heard (that’s a good thing). The energic quality of 2008’s debut Love Yourself is counterbalanced by a more introspective tone, which only serves to reveal just how gifted this group of musicians are. A band that once you hear them, you’ll like them.”

“The evening’s big surprise, however, was Thunder Power…wherein most six-piece bands seem to have two too many members, TP uses every position to its fullest – a keyboard player, two guitars (a rhythm and a lead), bass and drums, and that earthy front woman.”

“A female-fronted, indie-pop sextet from Omaha that should be tops with fans of Belle and Sebastian and Camera Obscura.”

AW Music

“With Twee pop influences and voice that at first doesn’t seem to suit the style, it makes Thunder Power stand out among the simplistic folk/pop outfits that are a dime a dozen.”

Mainstream Isn’t So Bad

“A satisfying slice of Nebraska … served up with a dreamy, winsome air that’s nice and light on the ears and occasionally kicks up a gear or two, but still retains an earthiness about it.”

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