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    Out Today! First Major label Debut for Motion City Soundtrack!

    Motion City SoundtrackPersonally, when I first heard Motion City Soundtrack I thought they would sound like all the other alternative rock bands with song titles like “I Threw Up at My Bar Mitzvah, But It Still Doesn’t Explain What This Song is About.” Fortunately their newest album My Dinosaur Life is anything but a re-hash of the same music we’ve been hearing for the past decade or two. The band has been featured with SPIN Magazine and is the winner of two MTV Woodie awards for previous work. This very second, they are working on an upcoming tour starting this weekend. There is no doubt that the five man band has been working hard to release their most recent lovechild… so to speak.

    Motion City Soundtrack’s new album My Dinosaur Life is the band’s fourth album. This time around Motion City Soundtrack enlisted a little help from their friends Mark Hoppus (of Blink-182 fame!) and Andy Wallace (Nirvana, Kaiser Chiefs and Sonic Youth!) The band’s previous album was released back in 2007. One of the first things I noticed was how natural the vocals are. When over 90% of the recording industry uses programs like auto-tune to “enhance” the vocalists, it is refreshing to hear an actual voice instead of some digital output from some computer program. This album sticks to their fast-paced rock roots of their first two albums, adds the pop effect from their previous album, yet still keeps the brand spanking new feel of a new direction.

    I’m pretty impressed with Motion City Soundtrack this time around. With its quirky lyrics and catchy tune, the wonderfully acoustic “Stand Too Close” sounds like the perfect summer love anthem. With so many artists out there trying to earn their rightful spot at the top of the charts, I think Motion City Soundtrack has what it takes. Spare yourself from your daily Starbucks craving to pick up the album and give it a listen. I think you’ll discover exactly what they’ve been working on.

    The My Dinosaur Life Track List:

    1. Worker Bee

    2. A Lifeless Ordinary (Need A Little Help)

    3. Her Words Destroyed My Planet

    4. Disappear

    5. Delirium

    6. History Lesson

    7. Stand Too Close

    8. Pulp Fiction

    9. @!#?@!

    10. Hysteria

    11. Skin And Bones

    12. The Weakends

    Motion City SoundtrackMotion City Soundtrack’s newest album is out TODAY! This is their major label debut with Columbia Records, and we could not be more excited. They have been featured on Conan O’Brien and MTVu, as well as featuring new and updated song versions on iTunes. There is even a deluxe edition set with acoustic versions of the band’s favorite songs. As previously mentioned, Motion City Soundtrack kicks off a tour in their hometown 1/23 at First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN. Unfortunately, they don’t come through Chicago, so you’ll have to check them out at one of the shows close by. They are also planning a tour with Weezer later in the year! Friends and future fans can follow lead vocalist/guitarist Justin Pierre on the “Dino Trail” at www.mydinosaurlife.com.
    Written By: Blake Russell
    Photos By: Peter Yang

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