New in 2010- Erik Hassle!

Europe has given the world a few great things. Nutella. Or IKEA, for instance. Putting the letter “u” in random words like “color” never really caught on, but hey. You tried, Europe. You tried.

Enter Erik Hassle.

Swedish pop at its best with a similarity to soul. Erik has been on stage since the womb. No, literally. His mother was an amateur singer who didn’t stop doing what she loved… even with a Swedish-sized baby bump.

Set to release “Pieces” sometime this Spring, Erik has opened our eager ears to his most recent single from the album, “Hurtful”. AOL even featured him in their “About to Pop” artist feature. With more modern trends such as combining the music industry and fashion (see: Gaga), Erik Hassle is one step ahead of the game. He is the new face (and hair) for Martyn Bal’s clothing line- also European. However, he won’t just stop there. Mr. Hassle is also tagged to design some of the winter line later this year.

After finishing the UK part of Little Boots’ recent tour, Erik Hassle has been using his precious time promoting his future album Pieces. Right now, the Swedish sensation is gearing up for his tour with yet another big European star, Mika. Mr. Hassle is Mika’s opening act for the upcoming tour which is set in, you guessed it… Europe.

Maybe one day (read: soon) the US will get some kind of break from the repetitive music we are being bombarded with. Erik Hassle is a fresh pop sound in an otherwise static genre. Be sure to head over to his main page to pick up a free song or two.

Written by: Blake Russell
Photo courtesy of UMusic

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