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Chicago City Limits

Chicago City Limits
1712 West Wise Road
Schaumburg, IL 60193

I used to frequent here quite often when I first moved out to the NW Burbs. Such a great bar to see some great live music. Have found some super fun cover bands here & saw Vanilla Ice!!! Yep you read correctly, Mr Ice Ice Baby himself, it was super sweet.

Décor: It’s a sports bar with 24 tvs, 2 enormous projector screens, some darts, and pool. One side of the bar is full of tables and booths while the other has a descent sized stage, sound booth and more tables. It’s pretty neat to have so many tvs on the weekends when it’s super packed cause they stream a live feed of the band on them. Honestly CCL has one of the biggest bars I have ever seen. It fills the whole back center of the venue.

The Crowd: For the most part everyone I have ever met here has been cool to make small talk with or jam out with a good local band. Sure you have your super annoying drunks who think they own the place but what bar doesn’t?

Service: Every time I have come in it’s always been hit or miss. Obviously harder to get a drink when a popular band is playing. During big games your probably not gonna get the best server at the tables or booths. I have always had better luck at the bar. Honestly I think I’m a pretty understanding patron. If I see that the bar is totally packed and it’s slowing you down that’s fine. But if we try to make small talk with you and you’re just a bitch, guess what, my tip for you would be to find another job! Stick with the bartenders if you can they are super friendly and will take care of you.

Liquid Courage On Tap:
Coors Light
Bud Light
Blue Moon
Miller Lite

Eats: Lots of appetizer’s, sandwiches, but my favorite is the 14 inch pizza and pitcher for $12.

Sounds: Depends on the time & day. You can catch all the sports action here, live bands on the weekends & my fav live band karaoke on Thursday nights with Sing With The Band. The semi cool thing about SWTB is that they record all the songs that are performed and you can buy a copy of yourself for a nominal fee. Plus the guys are super nice and very talented at what they do.

Parking: Located in a strip of stores so they have a big lot.

Overall: Gotta love City Limits! They have a great sound system, awesome bands, and good sports.

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