The Soundtrack Of Our Lives Announce Digital EP Featuring 3 NEW Tracks Out Feb 2nd

The Soundtrack Of Our Lives Announce US Tour With Nico Vega
Digital EP Featuring 3 NEW Tracks Out Feb 2nd
Double CD Communion Available Now On Yep Roc

soundtrack of our lives

NME [8/10] :
“…It may sound nauseatingly bloated, but it actually breezes along with singalong choruses, flashing guitars and hooky melodies. It’s like discovering some lost collaboration between ‘Lifehouse’-era Pete Townshend and ‘III’>-era Led Zep…”

SPIN [4 out of 5 Stars] :
“…94 filler-free minutes, stuffed with late-’60s guitar romps ranging from slow-burn psychedelia to up-tempo struts….”

All Music Guide [4½ out of 5 Stars]:
“Communion is easily the most consistent yet visionary and expansive recording Soundtrack have released yet, and proves beyond the shadow of a doubt, they are, even without mass acceptance, an impressively grand rock band.”

Performing Songwriter :
“[T]he album is laden with catchy tunes that bring to mind classic artists like the Beatles and the Kinks… addictive pop songs and haunting ballads.”

The Big Takeover :
“A resounding return to greatness, Communion is a TSOOL album for the ages.”

Tour dates after the jump…

Ebbot Lundberg, singer and guiding light of The Soundtrack of Our Lives, always knew where the Swedish band was heading. “I thought we were going to peak around 2010 or 2012.” He pauses, and roars with laughter. “Which suddenly is pretty soon.” With the new album Communion, he is ready to take off.

Lundberg is a man with a grand and far-sighted scheme for his life’s work. Since The Soundtrack of Our Lives (TSOOL) came together around 1996 in Göteborg on the Swedish west coast, it has become Sweden’s greatest home-grown rock band, worshipped around the world by other artists and bands, including Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant and Oasis.

The band has released four amazing albums — three of those, double albums — plus another double-CD collection of out-takes and oddities, A Present from the Past (2005), which is better (and bigger) than most ordinary groups’ Greatest Hits.

After two years in hiding, TSOOL return with another double-CD: Communion. It is quite probably their best so far. Full of epic, sky-scraping highs and equally blissful meditative moments, it encapsulates all the moods and ideas that have entranced the band’s fans these past 12 years — and more. So, maybe Lundberg’s vision wasn’t that far-fetched after all.

The story of Communion really begins after the completion of the campaign for 2004’s Origin Vol. 1. For that album, TSOOL were under increasing pressure to compromise their music for radio airplay. However, once they had released Origin Vol. 1, as well as the 2005 compilation, they had fulfilled their obligations to Warner Brothers, and were free to start fresh.

“With Communion we didn’t have anyone calling all the time, asking which track was going to be the single, or anything like that,” says Lundberg. “It was the opposite of the Origin sessions. We could work in peace.”

US Tour Dates

Feb 16th – Irving Plaza – New York, NY
Feb 17th – The Note – Philadelphia, PA
Feb 18th – House Of Sweden – Washington, DC
Feb 18th – Black Cat – Washington, DC
Feb 19th – The Warehouse Live – Houston, TX
Feb 20th – Emo’s – Austin, TX
Feb 21st – The Granada – Dallas, TX
Feb 23rd – The Rialto – Tucson, AZ
Feb 24th – The Casbah – San Diego, CA
Feb 25th – Glasshouse – Pomona, CA
Feb 26th – El Rey – Los Angeles, CA
Feb 27th – The Independent – San Francisco, CA
Feb 28th – Lincoln Hall – Chicago, IL

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