The Waylons: “Out of Love” a Must-Have

The Waylons
Out of Love EP
October 20, 2009

To be quite honest, I have been listening to the Waylons’ Out of Love EP for a while now. I am such a bad girl because I haven’t shared them with you until now.

The Waylons are a Brooklyn based rock band that is notorious for recording their music in train depots, apartments, and hallways, but make no mistake. The album is mastered and mixed that one really can’t tell. They are also the “Do-It-Yourself” kind of band that is receiving positive reviews from the likes of the New York Press and other media outlets. That being said I had to hear what they’re offering to the public for our listening pleasure.

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When the Waylons sent me the EP, and I popped it in for the ritual “ripping” to my mp3 player, I couldn’t have been more relieved. I should say my ears couldn’t have been more relieved! We receive a lot of music from around the world and some of the music in quite frankly, scary, and Out of Love is the EP that’s clearing my listening palate from some of the awful noise.

Most of the EP is really laid-back and then there is “Disappear Me.” “Disappear Me” is slightly reminiscent of rockabilly for me. The guitars are so raw, so rock & roll, so The Waylons. The funny part is the group comes from Brooklyn but they have the California rock sound.

My utmost favorite track on the album that just grabs me is “Rachel.” You really couldn’t find a more ear pleasing melody that takes you to that place where there are no clouds in the sky and your skin is absorbing the sun. Sean’s voice is just so perfect with Sandy’s backing vocals on this track. This is the song that is played over and over again on my player. It just stands of from the rest of Out of Love. You can actually download the song and hear it for yourself on their website and I highly recommend it! Check it out here.

Buy Out of Love online at iTunes or Amazon or Emusic.

Check them out tonight at:

Union Hall – 8PM – $7
702 Union Street (@ 5th Ave.)
Brooklyn, NY

Check out more from the Waylons at:

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