Hala Kahiki

Hala Kahiki
2834 River Rd
River Grove, IL 60171

hala kahiki gardenI first came to Hala Kahiki at the end of 2008 and loved it! I was getting ready to get married the following month and seeing all the festive Tiki decorations got me super pumped. Sadly I haven’t found myself here as often as I had hoped so when I got an invite over the weekend I couldn’t pass it up. This is a must go to bar!

Décor: Tiki-riffic! This place is head to toe full of Island Tiki gear with dim lighting to set the mood. Lots of Bamboo walls, Tiki guys on the walls, palm trees, beaded curtains, you name it they have it! Once you walk in it seems very small. There is a nice little bar area with some seating. Beyond that is another tiny room with more tables. The first time I came here I thought that was it. But when you keep venturing out more this place is huge full of all sorts of nooks and crannies. And they even have a super cute patio out back.

hala kahiki

hala kahiki 2

The Crowd: Very chill. Being a Friday night this place is open until 2am and people were still stopping in at 1:30 for a drink. The flow of people coming in and out was never ending.

Service: Very polite and speedy in their grass skirts and leis. Being in a group of 7 I anticipated a wait on getting drinks after ordering but these guys know what they are doing! Within a couple of minutes our drinks were right in front of us. I was impressed.

Liquid Courage: The list is never ending and to be honest can be a little overwhelming. Their drink menu is 4PAGES LONG! It was so hard to decide. My absolute fav is the Chi-Chi. It’s a delicate blend of Vodka and Coconut Milk blended and served in a ceramic coconut cup topped with a cherry. If you are a coconut lover like I am try the Chi-Chi!

hala kahiki 3Eats: Won’t find any here! Even though they have a 4 page drink menu you won’t find any food to order. Just a complimentary bottomless clam shell bowl of pretzels.

Sounds: Island sounds unless someone requests a song from the Jukebox. And not one of the new school digital ones either. This is way old school with actual cd’s in the jukebox and no skipping people’s songs.

Parking: Some street parking but they have their own lot in the back.

Overall: I am in love with Hala Kahiki. If it weren’t for the 30min drive I would be here all the time. Love the cheesy décor, love the drinks and I can’t wait for the next gathering.

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