“Kiss Me Goodnight” – New B Side From Casper Bangs

“Kiss Me Goodnight” – New B Side From Casper Bangs

Brought to you by The Music Slut, below is the EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE of “Kiss Me Goodnight” the B-Side from Casper Bangs off of The Whitespace EP.



“To be clear, we think DC’s Casper Bangs is f’n great. -Vinyl District

“This song’s catchier than an email virus and it’ll spread around even quicker. (“The Other Half”). – Audioperv

Be sure to catch Casper Bangs during this year’s SXSW Music Conference! More dates to come…In the meantime check out what Casper Bang’s is listening to over at My Secret Playlist. You might be surprised what he finds inspiring! Casper Bang’s upcoming album I Woke Up is vocalist Rob Pierangeli’s debut full-length release and also features Rishi Chakrabarty on guitar, Dennis Mannuel on drums and vocals, Chaim Rubenstein on keyboard and vocals and Wes Garcia on bass. I Woke Up will be released in March, stay tuned for details.

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