Matt Hires Records Upcoming Album Live at Schubas

Matt Hires
Schuba’s Tavern – Chicago, IL

Matt Hires Schuba's Tavern

Generation iPod, take notes! There is something to be said about live performances. Losing your hearing for a night, worming your way towards the front of the stage, and leaving fully drenched in sweat and a Bud Light the girl dancing next to you snuck in. I mean, you can listen to John Mayer or Kings of Leon on your new iPhone all day, but nothing will compare to being there, being crushed by the growing mob of fans, being right in front of a talented group of folks who want nothing more than to be playing in front of you.

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The band played a long set with plenty of guitar solos and whistling in between. He played through most of his recently released album, Take Us To the Start. After revealing the night’s performances would be recorded for a future album, Matt Hires opened with the ever-poignant “State Lines”. He did not disappoint in the surprises promised for his Chicago fans. After playing through a few songs, he encouraged the jam-packed Schubas venue to whistle along with his cover of “Kids” by MGMT. In retrospect Matt Hires is a pretty damn good whistler.

In fact, Matt Hires is a pretty damn good musician. While most of his songs can fall into the rock or singer/songwriter categories, he debuted a new song called “A to B” which was very much a form of a Midwestern-slash-Americana style of sound. The crowd loved it while the energy soared well into the late night. Matt finally topped off his album with a loud and thunderous finale closing off what I hope is a phenomenal live album.

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Photos by: Katie Williams

Written by: Blake Russell

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